"Hold on to your drawers!"

Hold on to your drawers.

Going through some old things in a “JUNK HEAP,” I found this drawer and old candy shipment boxes. I got the idea to do a collage in a drawer; while using the drawer as the frame.
This project is unfinished. I will post an update when it is.



“FLEA MARKET FLIP,” has been an inspiration for me. Below is another
attempt at flipping.



Here is a drawing of a friend
I wad afraid to show her. I thought she might think it less than flattering. Here is where esteem gets in the way of accomplishing things you dream you could of, would of and might have.


Plus, let me share a few more of my art attempts.


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The American Dream; Helping Everyone Reach For It!

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WHY ________________? 

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Seemingly bleak outlook!

—Unemployment of youth and adults with Autism, Special Needs and other labels increases over the years.

—News stories of a United States facing a crisis as the rise in the number of people in this area mature and face unemployment. This raises the costs of caring for unemployed and placing stress on a nation that already faces unemployment problems in a wavering economy.

Ideas? What can be done? Funding?





  >Then propose solutions

  > Methodically evaluate solutions

A few thoughts



BUSINESS OWNERSHIP OF ……(Leaving Ideas out because)

FUNDING (Leaving out information because)

Barriers to overcome/solve

     Social skills

—Overcoming stigma of disabled

>Standard management practices show                 increases in productivity and profits when engaging    and empowering workers.

>Maintain a culture that

**Keeps communication open

**Continues to train/update skills

                                                                      **Remembering disabled face challenges                                                                                                                                              but dislike being thought less of or                                                                    considered on the fringes of society.

     Businesses skills needed

     (Consider _________)



     Overcoming stigma of


Other considerations

—Peer mentoring and modeling

—Health insurance and other benefits

—Setting Parameters

—Partners (How will we proceed?)

—Research legalities and other

—Work on outline of handbook


—Future projects (5, 10 and following years)





Blank (my ideas are worth keeping to self for now)




  “Are employees with disabilities as productive as   employees without disabilities? Yes…” See PDF.

  “Are employees with disabilities absent from work   more often? No…” See PDF.








Blessings in God’s APRIL SHOWERS AND MORE.

HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE LAMENTED OVER getting your special child to shower/clean hair better/ use deodorant and more?  

Hygiene issues affect people with Autism, Sensory Integration Issues, Special Needs, and a number of other people. HOW MANY HAVE JUST ABOUT GIVEN UP ON TEACHING THIS SKILL TO THEIR SON/DAUGHTER OR OTHER relation/student and more?

14700002802_89652ed498_z                    tm wc3

PLEASE DO NOT THINK I AM PICKING ON MY SON.   If you look at the pictures, do you see the greasy and sticky look?

My sister had told me that Tanner had slept on her bed.  An intense body odor on the sheets and bedding called for an immediate washing.

I promise I have going round and round on this issues.  After a certain age, it is harder and harder for a mother to work on issues of washing well.  In middle school or right before high school I tried one approach.  I instructed him to try swimmer’s goggles.  An example of this is posted below.


To no avail did this intervention work.  Frustration can be a big block between solving problems.   It seems simple now to tell you this.  However, I understand the emotions of wanting to scream about this.  Also, sometimes spouse’s ignore problems or can’t cope with them.  Exasperation came with frustration escalating to peak levels like Mount McKinley or Denali (as the Indian’s/Eskimo’s call it).  Hindsight is only gained after a person pushes through the tidal waves of these emotions.  Give yourself a hand for solving many inquiries!!!

My son graduates in May.  Tanner is 18 and will be 19 on July 11 of this year.  wpid-wp-1420244893303.jpeg

I love Tanner.  Yet, this doesn’t mean it has always be a piece of cake trying to teach/parent him in preparing him for the world as an adult; especially after my death, husband’s and with no siblings.

Feeling desperate, I put my mind to the grindstone so to speak.  God has been blessing me quite a bit lately. He is answering prayer right and left.  God has helped Tanner get an A in Drama this semester, an A in Health last semester,  and he is getting a B in Oklahoma History.  Last year he had a one on one aide in US History all year. That was his first inclusive class in sometime.  Tanner has taken tests this year with no accommodations.  And, I started helping him with this..the teacher gave him preprinted notes to follow along in class at first. We use Bookshare ( https://www.bookshare.org/cms ) too. I have tutors. He takes his own notes now.  Tanner has obtained a 100, 90 and 71 the last three tests (the 71 was a unit test that we didn’t help him study for because we didn’t know it….his 71 was without preparation over four chapters).

God’s most exciting blessing has been allowing Tanner and I to have better communication.  Tanner will be getting a hair cut soon but not short-short because of his success in cleaning his hair.  Now the story that lead up to this.  I asked him about what he thought we should do.  We spoke about suggestions by Jim (not his real name), his counselor, to help Tanner with things in this area.  Everyone reading this probably knows about visual prompts and having flash cards with lists or pics of what/how to do things.

Reluctance was my first emotion.  I had been through this before.  Been there done that. In my head I am yelling, “NOT GOING TO WASTED MY TIME AGAIN!”

SOMETHING yanked my chain and I said I will try again.  I read all about taking a shower.  Autism blogs, magazines and such on how to accomplish satisfactory hygiene in teen Autistic’s and such.   I knew Tanner didn’t like the comb to scrub his head.  A suggestion I had made much earlier in his life.

A shopping trip was in order after a brainstorming session. As a pharmacist, using lab glasses or goggles are something I am quite familiar with and should have understood not liking the tight goggles in the shower.  Below were my two choices to present to Tanner in this new attempt at good hygiene habits.


Tanner declared that neither one of these were his choice to use instead of the swimmer’s goggles. My son has a stubborn streak in him like me, his mother.  Sometimes he just can’t let his mother be right.  Another lesson of parenting.  Butting heads over small things only results in bumps on your head with a major headache to boot.   THE PLASTIC LAB GLASSES are his pick for wearing in the bath/shower to keep SOAP AND WATER DIRECTLY OUT OF HIS EYES.  

Sensory issues are hard to work around.  LET ME TELL YOU NOW THIS SENSORY ISSUE NEVER COMES IN TO PLAY WHEN HE WANTS TO OR WANTED TO SWIM WHEN HE WAS YOUNGER.   Therefore, when thinking about sensory issues, keep in mind they may bother a person in one activity but be completely absent in another physical act.

Okay, look at the pictures from the rest of my shopping trip.  Determination was my stance.


I BOUGHT A SHOWER HEAD WITH THE EXTRA HAND HELD ON PURPOSE. I installed all myself too! :;) :0)!!   This would allow him to control the water better.  I took the time to explain the complete reason to..at length.  This seemed to make him think that I cared more for his comfort.  Well, If I would have followed the Golden Rule in parenting, maybe it might have been easier..  No regrets. Parenting is tough. My models were tough.  Dad was a teacher and retired Army Seargeant. He said do and we tended to do without question.  My mom was semi-tough. Explanations from them about why they did or wanted me to do something?  NO WAY!!


Above is the holder of the products I bought and wanted him to use in the shower.

Before he showered he was to rub off dead skin with this brush (exfoliates).

*************Check with your doctor about this.  Check the links at the end of the article to decide what is best for you.

Too much exfoliating can be bad for you I believe.  But we are talking about my son with autism.  He can’t stand rubbing hard scratchy things on his body.  Thus, I came to the conclusion that this as a step before a shower would eliminate time in the shower and help with the cleaning.

Here is the exfoliating brush. 20150213_120329

>>>>>>>>>Word to the wise here if you read something about brushing therapy in those with autism…while looking this up!!

PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT DO THE therapy without instructions and under the care of a Health Care Provider.  I have heard from a number of professionals this can cause problems if done wrong.  Always check with your healthcare provider before implementing therapy/or such.

I purchased three plastic pump bottles for the shower.  The first was filled with a dandruff shampoo (like T-Gel which cost almost $10.00). Number two was filled with conditioner.  The last one was filled with a special body rinse.

20150213_11571415 - 1 20150213_115810

Explicit instructions in the notebook chart said how many pumps of each to use.

Backing up to washing his hair, the brush below was his choice for scrubbing his head.  ISN’T IT ODD THAT A PLASTIC SCRUB BRUSH MEANT FOR CLEANING FIT THE BILL FOR MY SON IN THIS AREA? One has to think vastly different in helping these young men and women find ways of cleaning without stressing themselves out.  I understand.  My mother is so tender headed that brushing her hair and finding a hairdresser has been a huge challenge.


Next are some other brushes he had to choose from.

20150213_115515 20150213_115606



20150213_120251 20150213_115443


On the back burner to try in the future if he will.  Actually, I am wonder if trying these is a good ideal.  They look like itchy.  If he has a bad experience, then the whole gain of better hygiene may be in jeopardy.

20150213_120336 20150213_120340

These are the deodorants  I bought because of the Aluminium zirconium. This is an antiperspirant.  These contain a prescription strength or close to of the antiperspirant.  This is one of the most effective for keeping people dry and less smelly.  **********Note that some reports believe this much Aluminum is bad for the body (as in cancer causing and more issues) IN ORDER FOR HIM TO FEEL COMFORTABLE, I GOT  a gel, spray and glide on.  

It may seem excessive in going to such detail but one does get desperate.  He needs to be presentable in this world to get a job.  This will not happen right away but I am certain it will happen at his own rate of getting ready for it.  I have no family to care for him once I die.  I have to do all I can to make sure he is ready for the world.

I suggest that if you want Homeopathic or more natural options you check the health food store and related magazines.  However, to help you on your way to looking for homeopathic and natural I inserted a couple of links for you to explore.Even

Amazon is into this field now. http://www.amazon.com/s?rh=n%3A3778451%2Cp_n_theme_browse-bin%3A389561011



The timer was for him to know when about even or eight minutes were up.  My research showed this is how long a shower should take.


The rest shows how I laid out the sequence for him to get ready.  I then put the visual picture ques next to them.

20150302_115831 20150302_115835 20150302_115849 20150302_115851 20150302_115904

Some related posts I found that may be of interest.









I observed and could figure some things out.  Remember the expensive dandruff shampoo?  He used a third of that or more to make a Bubble Bath.  Talk about livid!!

About a week and half of observation after my rash reaction gave me some ideas.  I needed the space to calm down and solve this little challenge.  He wants his Bubble Bath.  I love taking a bath too.  This is helpful to relaxing him too.  Important for those with high anxiety.



TANNER and I talked.  I listened trying to make him comfortable.  Now he does all of the cleaning stuff with his hair.  Uses those brushes to make sure he gets cleaner.  He starts with a Bubble Bath.  He picked something else to rinse his hair.  Dad gave him a cup.  I HAVE  done that before but remember all people have pride and some dignity.   This is an expression of his freedom and becoming an adult.  After he takes his Bubble Bath, he is to wash off body parts again one to two times then rinse off with either shower head.

I hope this helps you come to some hygiene solutions and compromises.  GETTING HERE WAS NOT EASY BUT THANK GOD!!!


This year I am getting organized.  Planning to fit soon, is in the list of things to do.  One thing I am learning is that my All or Nothing Thinking is something I must change.  This means when I have gotten way too far behind…..that I must catch up in one day……resulting in pulling the covers over my head and staying in bed depressed. Realing the idea of being perfect is too hard to attain.  That said once I get in a routine and back into an organized system, I do great.

My son with autism has a counselor that demands the chore list be visual.  Attempting to remove the negative conatation of chores, I am listing them as household chores.   Tanner, my son, has to realize that Dad has a hard job which means he is excused from some of the chores.  I am at home and catergorized as Disabled.  My wreck in 2008 left me in this label.  My son must learn this means I can’t do what I did before the wreck.   Now see my “Getting Organized in Pictures!”  The next part in the series will be checklist in picutes.


The hooks have all the chores in the house broken down into pictures and everything that must be done in each room or area.


Laundry schedule


Trash schedule


Utility Room



Living room

Living room

Computer room

Computer room

Garage and yard

Garage and yard

Our bathroom (one of  two)

Our bathroom (one of two)

Tanner's bathroom (one of two)

Tanner’s bathroom (one of two)

Tanner's bedroom

Tanner’s bedroom

Our Bedroom

Our Bedroom

Pushing Begins in Labor and Continues Through Life

18, Graduation soon, but  still pushing.

18, Graduation soon, but still pushing.

Pushing Begins in Labor and Continues Through Life

Today is the day after my son turned 18 years old.  Reflecting back, I realize when they told me to push during labor, that was the begining of a continual process.   Whether your child has special needs or is quote “normal,” it is a parental job to push children beyond their comfort zone.

Sometimes I have felt guilty for being “General Mommy or Sergeant Mommy;” so nicknamed by dad, my husband Bill.

Bill Adcock husband to Sandra and father of Tanner, now 18.

Bill Adcock husband to Sandra and father of Tanner, now 18.

Tanner was not an easy baby.  He had troubles eating from the start.  He through up and would be considered a colic baby.  Working with doctors and listening to the expereince of my mom(mother of four) resulted in putting rice in each bottle to help decrease the throwing up and weight gain proceeded.

At the age of six months, Tanner landed in the hospital for RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus).  Funny now but not at the time my sister recalls that I was not making sense and thought I was kidding when I called her to tell her  You see I was a nervous parent going from the doctor’s office straight to the hospital and told her he had RSVP virus.

The hospital stay was almost a week.  It may have been worse for my husband and I to endure than Tanner.  Seeing your child in an oxygen tent and having tests ran in a haze of a short time is traumatic.  Then they tell you to move because you are in the way! Parental rights show up in your eyes resulting in a “Please” being spit out immediately and apoligetically.  He came along fine after about three months of nebulizer treatments, beating on the chest with a suction cup to break up secrestions and being on/off antibiotics.

Tanner was sick off and on quite often.  It seems I can remember all of his early holidays being sick.  My sister, that dresses very professionly all the time, was thrown up on and her car when she took him to the doctor for me right before his first Christmas.  That was one of the first holidays he was sick on.

Tanner weighted 17 pounds at one year old. Both my husband I worried about him.  He didn’t or wouldn’t eat well sometimes.  He stayed on his formula until he was about two years old or a bit older.  He refused milk.

At thirteen months if was obvious we were dealing with more than one could understand. My husband moved a toy or his cup about an inch or two.  He came back running to move it back to the exact position.  I new then and along with some other things observed there was something “wrong” or not quite right.

I am telling you all this for a reason.  This made it hard to make hard choices when he was older.  Worring about his health and weight gain, we let him start eating an unhealthy diet.  This wasn’t at the time but it developed into a stance later on.  This also made being hard on him extremely trying.

Thus, began the parental divide on how to parent.  How do you face the something “wrong” or not normal along with health concerns?  I realized that at a certain point I couldn’t go the path of least reistance.  Everyone had advise but I read while seaching for the reasons.  Family said not to worry and my husband appeard to me to like “denial.”

Then and there I decided a proactive approach was best.  I proceeded to get Tanner into Preschool at age three.  I pushed for extra therapies like, speech and music.  I enrolled him in Kindermusic because of the benefits I had read about music in special needs and other areas of life.  One of his first sentences he said was sung back to me.   On our way to music class I sung to him, “Now it is time for music, music, music.”  He was restless and sung back, “Now it’s time for Grandma’s, Grandma’s!”  I was proud.  He had talked some but not like that.

The school said to make picture books and have him say what the picture was.  I made a jillion picture books.  Tanner would have to say his ABC’s as I wrote them in the dirt at the park before he could swing.  Later he would have to write them.

I made 26 pages of huge ABC’s on letter size paper.  Sensory issues were present and I read about trying differnt tactile approaches.  I cut out Sandpaper ABC’s.  I found the experts that I thought could help me with advancing my son’s chances of a better life.  I used the program “Handwriting Without Tears,” to help him with writing.  This was on top of what the school was doing for him and the extra therapies I could afford like Speech and Occupational Therapy.

Do you see the pushing going on?  This continues for 18 years.  Tanner has autism so pushing can be a delicate balance.  I have him volunteering to gain job skills.  Do or did I feel guilty for being “A hard A$$?”  Sometimes!

Yet, let us ask the questions of what might have happened if I had given up?  Believed those provider’s that were foolish to advise me to put my son in an institution?  Gone the path of least reisistance?  I doubt my son would be where he is today.   This has meant many battles in my marriage and in parenting my son with my husband.

Sometimes those with autism have problems with hygeine.  Tanner doesn’t like his hair cut or wash it well all the time either.  I have wrestled with this for years. His counselor said to do one thing and my therapist disagrees.

This means another “Big PUSH” to help him into adulthood.  The ultimatum will be to keep his hair clean with two warnings, with the third resulting in a BUZZ CUT!  I have said this before.  Yes, I am human.  I don’t follow through on everything. Parenting cam be DEMANDING.  Fights on how to parent wear you out.  However, this time I have the resolve to do it.

Thus, remember from the start of labor and delivery of your child when they tell you to “PUSH” it means for life not only during birth!

Autumn Trails of Sixty-Eight

Twila had carried in the rest of her bags into the room. I just had to go and get my bike and bring it into the room. This was going to be a fun weekend. We were doing the Tour de Trails Bicycle Race. More importantly we were going to do some meandering around the town of Winnsboro, Texas. A town we had lived in as kids. We had to stay in Sulpher Springs because of costs though; we were at the Holiday Inn Express.

Twila asked, “What do you want to do first?”

“I am not sure. Let’s eat first and then just stroll through the town. I want to drive down Post Oak Road and see the old house. Remember all the work we put in there?”

“What do you mean we? You were the baby and didn’t have to do work. Daddy’s pet.” Twila spurted with a smile.

“I carried hammers and nails. I fetched water and whatever else dad wanted.” I declare.

Driving to Winsboro to eat, Twila was talking but I was in my own world. Twila took the route from Sulpher Springs down Highway 137 to Highway 11. This is what I considered the main road through Winnsboro.

From there the next important landmark was the Broom Factory that marked where you turned on Post Oak Street to get to our old house. Then came Farmer Brown’s Grocery Store, this was where we did our shopping when we grew up.

A few blocks of in between stuff before you came to the turnoff to Frankenstein’s Castle. This was really just an old ice factory but everyone had called it that for years. Then a couple of houses down were my Grandmother’s house. In back of her house was Aunt Velma’s. The railroad ran parallel to this highway just south of the road.

Twila yells, “I will set you on fire if you don’t tell me where you want to eat! Sandra Lynn Mallo Adcock are you listening to me? If you don’t give me an answer I will never support you in a disagreement with your husband again.”

“Of Course I heard you. And if you stop yelling I will give you an answer. I want to eat at that Bed and Breakfast we saw. Is that okay with you? I want a steak, rice, mushrooms and gravy.” I replied in a loud tone to match hers.

We went and ate there. We talked of many things from our childhood. One memory was about dressing alike. Mom would go to the penny sale. Back then you could buy a dress and get another one for a penny. Mom thought it was neat to dress us alike even with a four year age difference.

“I recall an incident when you would not behave and they called me down to Mrs. Barker’s room to see if I could make you do so and so. You were so spoiled and mischievous. Mom got frazzled over you plenty. Dad just thought you were cute. The rest of us kids hated you because you got by with so much and ruined our stuff.”

“I was pretty young and four years younger than all of y’all. Mom and Dad treated me like a baby and spoiled me a little. It wasn’t my entire fault. I will admit I got by with a lot. But I still remember some parties you guys had that Dad let you have even down here in Winnsboro.” She knew very well what I was referring to.

We had enough of the stroll down memory lane. If we were going to participate in the Bike Run we had better get back to the motel and get some sleep. It was an early start and we still had to drive from Sulpher Springs to Winnsboro.

Twila had to drag me out of bed as usual. We finally got dressed and off with our bikes in the car. Twila drove to Winnsboro which afforded me more time to sleep. I would be ready for this Autumn Bike Ride. East Texas is pretty this time of year.

The Autumn Trails yield a range of colors from orange to a rich indigo. The ride would be a nice experience in itself. The flood of memories would be welcome too.

After we park, we register and move to our places in line. Bikes our lining up where Highways ll and 37, Main Street in Winnsboro, come together. Twila will be closer up to the front of the line because she is doing the 60 mile ride. She will finish first for two reasons even though I am only doing the 40 mile run. One her bike is a standard bike. She is in a little better shape.
My recumbent is made for an easy slow ride. It may be slow, yet it doesn’t kill my back.

I notice this is the corner where the Money Scramble occurred when I was a little girl. I was in the first grade in 1968. That day after the Parade, I got to participate in this event for the first time. There is a big arena and a floor of hay. Underneath the hay is hidden real money. Children of the same age are brought in and allowed to search for money for a specified amount of time. What they find they get to keep.

Our next door neighbor, Miss Helen, said, “Landsakes it’s a wonder none ya children broke a bone in that Money Scramble. They better stop that e-vent be-fores some ya really hurts yourselves.” Miss Helen was real sweet and I loved that she came to see me to these things this year.

My Grandfather got to come and see me at that event too. That was like a miracle in itself because he had been in and out of the hospital fighting cancer. I know this now but as a child I only knew he went in and out of the hospital. I remember he got skinner and skinner each time he came home from the hospital. He seemed to have less energy too. But he had promised me he would come and he did.

I feel bad now because I know he must have been hurting to walk downtown with us and do all the things we did that day. He died 2 weeks later. I can still hear him asking, “How much money did ya get? Was it a fair catch? Where’s my share?”

Dad was there that day too. It was a nice day in sixty-eight. A parade was how it started off. Then we had hotdogs for lunch. There were more things for the bigger kids to do. So I had to stay with the grownups as usual but I didn’t care because I got to do the Money Scramble, plus two of my favorite people were here; Miss Helen and Grandpa.

I was riding at a good pace and the breeze was nice. I loved riding bikes. I had seen Frankenstein’s Castle.

Mom had introduced me to that term. She had told me many made up stories. Mom could entertain me with plenty of things. It did look haunted. It was a reddish brown building and it had one area that looked like a tower to a six year old.

We had often walked down to there from my Aunt Velma’s. I recall that I often got sleepy after doing so. This could have been my mother’s way of getting me to take a nap.

I realized I was at the second stop. I got off the bike and went for the food and drink. My legs were cramping just a bit but my mind wouldn’t stop running through the things that had happened in first grade.

As a matter of fact this trail ride was the same way I had rode to go to my Grandfather’s funeral. I thought back to the last gift he gave me.

He was a custodian at the high school. He had found a broken two sided mirror. One side was cracked and the other was fine but had a few black spots on it. In a way that is a symbol of life. We can either live it cracked and disjointed or whole with a few imperfect spots in it.

Now I was questioning if we would end up at Piney Grove, the Church that had the cemetery where he was buried.

My brain turned to Twila. What was her outlook on this time in Winnsboro? How did it differ from mine? Would she have wanted to live her longer or was she glad to have moved to Oklahoma City when we did? If, if and if oh how much can we really know?

Each leg sure was talking to me. My allergies were kicking in also. These trees were pretty but they were causing havoc with my eyes, nose and mouth. My skin was also breaking out in a rash. I don’t know what from. I better take a Benadryl at the next food station.

Just then I look up and sure enough I ride by the Piney Grove Baptist Church. The commentary is right behind the church. This spawns memories of the funeral. What comes to mind is mom crying the whole time. I was with my cousins and I just wanted to leave this silent, except for crying, church service. I really didn’t understand the whole thing. I just knew that Grandpa was gone and I didn’t think God was being very fair.

It was the turnaround phase of the bike run. I had ten miles to go and was thinking I wasn’t going to make it.

Then I thought of my dad, now dead too. This gave me the strength to go on and finish. Dad would make me push on to finish things when I was growing up. I finished for him.

I thank him now for being hard on me, us kids. My Mom was a good role model but it is Dad that gave us the motive to push on when things really got hard.

I look back to what Grandpa might have instilled in me and I think he showed me how to be kind most of all. He never said a bad word to anyone and shared with most any person he came in contact with. My Grandmother would get the credit for showing me resourcefulness.

Grandma, what a character she was. She watched me, did ironing and laundry for people. She had an old ringer washer. But she did at least, sometimes, eight to twelve loads a day. Then she ironed and starched them. To wet a garment down, my Grandmother had a Coke bottle fitted with a cork sprinkle.

Now add doing her own garden to this. Still there is more. She sometimes would hire out for picking cotton while still watching me. I was put in a truck with other kids and told not to get out of the truck. We were given plenty of games to play, all the kind that just needed imagination.

Let’s get back to Grandma’s resourcefulness. One time my brother ran away from her. He ran into a sticker patch. Grandma made her switch and got him good. You would think he had learned his lesson. Not so. My two brothers, thinking they were smart, climbed a tree. Grandma didn’t even blink. She went out to her shed where she kept her bamboo fishing poles. She picked the longest one and went to the tree and started hitting them. Now after that neither brother ever ran from Grandma again.

I make it back to town. I am sore. “Are you ready for the BBQ Cook-off?” Twila ask.

I jump. “Yes. I guess I am. Let’s go put the bikes up. I feel good but worn out how about you?”

“You bet. You are going to have to start off driving in the morning. I am sore.” Twila teases. She wouldn’t let me start out driving in the morning. She never really trusts if I am awake for the first two hours of the day.
We head for the food.

Twila and I discuss the run. It was nice to see the old Piney Grove Church. That Church has to be at least 150 years old. It still has the same basic lay out and furniture.

We decide it is nice if some things remain the same. In the end we think it was a nice visit and run down remembrance lane but that is it.

Going back is not where it’s at. We are comfortable with the now time. The past has prepared us for the now and the now takes care of us in the future.

Life is what it is. A bike run rolling down a path with curves for sure but covering old scenery is dreary.


During the last few years, I have been visiting the Ghost Towns of Oklahoma and traveling some backroads of Oklahoma by myself, with family and friends.  Romping this last week on Wendsday included my long term friend from Pharmacy School at Southwestern Oklahoma State University graduating in 1985, Anita Quirk and my son, Tanner Adcock, that happened to turn 20 July 11 of this year.

During that romp we visited Roman Nose where the dead town of Bickford is located but little is left.  The plan was to go swimming.  Word to the wise is call ahead.  The pool at the park is closed on Tuesday’s and Wendsday’s.  However, our first stop was Okarche to have some good eats at the long time ICON Eishein’s Bar.  Anita and Tanner shared the chicken and I had a roast beef sandwich and oakra.  You might want to make sure you are hungry.  Filled us up with plenty to sparks.

Next on the oultine was Watong cheese.  Drove around to see if there were any antique stores or reasonable art or furniture stores.  We found some but time limited our shopping.  The itinerary had Greenfild and Geary on our list.

See below a nice old picture of the stone building for Greenfield Highschool.  I love the stone and layout.  It reminds me of the old spring feed pool that used to be at Roman Nose.  The stone that was around the pool was outstanding.  Also, see an oldtime log jail house.


Geary, Ok



The next adventure takes us to Porter,  Oklahoma the Peach Capitol of Oklahoma.  Porter offers a couple of other historic sights to see.   The location is close to Battle of Honey Springs.  This battle engagement of the Civil War occurred in 1863 in Indian Territory; which was an important victory for the Union. This area was also important to Creek resettlement into Indian Territory.

There are a number of ghost towns to visit with the main one being Park Hill.  Park Hill may be the most note able ghost town of Oklahoma.  It began as a Mission and School. It was close to the center of the Cherokee nation.  Of military significance it was close to Fort Gibson.  Chief Ross lived close by Park Hil.

If the same group gets to go in the next two weeks to Park Hill and Porter….I will record info and pictures to report. I hope this is of interest to you all.   By the way I bought the book Ghost Towns of Oklahoma by John W. Morris (1978);  which spurred my continued interest in investigating this realm of Oklahoma history.  Anita’s brother died a couple or three years ago.  All three of us were talking about how neat it would be to go on excursions to these towns.  I am hoping to possibly bury a time capsule as a memorial to him this trip.



Autism Christmas

This was an extremely nice Christmas.   It is typical for some with autism or other special needs to act as if Christmas is no different from any other day.

Tanner, my son, was a little more responsive as a baby.  As the years went on from11695764_1616565175272568_1607052421921301176_n


Scan 4

he sat as far away from people as he could showing little need for gifts or Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong he is a blessing.  He is different. Not all people are alike.  Yet, most people understand seeing a person get a person a gift, especially at Christmas that he/she does indeed love.

This year my joy has multiplied and a little of hating and dreading the Christmas  Season has been erased.