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a, I agree with you 100%. It also brings up another hard habit to break. Learning to put up huge boundaries. Plus, going against most of what I was taught. Being brought up to work hard give over 120%, care, and be ethical; the question is how do I teach my son to be a good Christian in a world where many that teach ethics only play the part?

I am ashamed of many that I used to hold high in esteem. Mc-Pharmacy isn’t for me. I am blessed that I can walk away from this in a way. My husband is lucky to work in an environment that is somewhat better at allowing a family life. He is a pharmacist too.

Do you think we should be doing vaccinations when there was no time to do the work of filling prescriptions already on the plate in retail? This practice should be a part of our realm in specific settings.

1. A pharmacist is part of a clinic and this duty does not pile more pressure on that increases the chance of errors.
2. Rural areas where distance to clinics or health departments makes vaccinations a problem for the population.
A. Off peak times for retail should be picked to reduce chances of errors.
B. To show that pharmacists are on the same side and the patient is at the
center of our concern, if there is more than one pharmacy in town a rotation
makes sense; or, maybe allowing interns to work with a nurse or PA at this
time could be of benefit. Also, working with the health department to have
them come in on a rotation basis every other time or on times when some
pharmacists are off to go to schools as volunteers.

I had been in what I thought was a good relationship with a person on the _________. I even worked for him. I respected him because he always told me to be honest. Insurance says never to admit guilt. Below is a speech that is something I felt in my heart and worked because of that:

Hi ___________. I am not sure what is wrong. Let me start over with you. I promise to get to the bottom of this. If you can start over again, I will do everything in my power to correct and make sure your interests, health, anything I can do to reassure you we care, I will do it. I am human. However, I have tried to practice as if I wanted my family to be treated the way I wanted. Some generics have reasons for staying with the brand. If I follow that guideline, then I feel I will be able to live with myself knowing I have done my best.

If something does go wrong, I try to improve where the problem went south and correct my procedure or way of processing work. If I fail to do this……time to check out.

Now the workplace as well as the regulations are doing this for us. It almost impossible to do the job the way one should in and out on a daily basis satisfying regs and bosses.

My sister is a Cytotechnologist. She screens for cancer under a microscope and with a computer program does advanced work to aid the docs in treatment plans. Laws limit how many slides can be screened in a day or hour.

How come there are none of these regs for pharmacists?

I was in the middle of or almost complete on a business plan, but now face one surgery in July(so late because of insurance rules) and most likely another right after that.

Guess God will let me know when to move forward. I could say plenty more but need to rest my hands.

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