Should we treat our Students as Customers? My answer to this question on Research Gate.

If you go to the link my answer will show me as deleted.  I could not keep up with everything on this one web site.   I think it is great but so much going on there.

 agree with you . If profit is the main motive and only consideration, we are in trouble.

My father has seen what you are talking about. He was a retired military person that went back to school and became a teacher. One of the inherent issues is people every where do not think about what their country or self worth is or should be.

I will also have to agree with you that many in the US or capitol based countries sometimes forget what the real matter of the heart should be. My son is a product the have generation. 

MY husband had basically no father growing up. He spoils my son to a degree. I am the one that makes him learn how to do for himself. Even though he faces special challenges, he is quite capable of doing many things. 

I think you will agree that people that are given everything have little understanding of values and work. As a teenager it is hard to learn but it makes the person happier and knowledgeable of all areas of life.

The focus is less on what one has and more on living life. Thus, this type of person knows what others have felt and can identify with them.

Sep 13, 2012


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