Tribute to a professor, WHERE YOU REALLY HAVE A PRAYER!! TIS TRUE. W. Steven Pray, Ph.D., D.Ph, M.P.H

Pray was my professor in pharmacy school. While attending school clearly his path consisted of the same harmony Simon & Garfunkel shared in his colleague, Edward C.Christensen.  

                             Any person affiliated with SWOSU Pharmacy School during Christensen’s time there will understand this statement.                                                                                      

                             Practices used by Pray to instill required up to date information always included cutting edge technology references. Motivational speaking flows naturally in his teaching style evident in his passion for pharmacy, community and genuine desire to pass those qualities to his students.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I am sure I remember him expressing The Golden Rule essentially contained all the guide a person needed in the practice of pharmacy. Pray lives by this concept I believe one hundred percent.

                              Pray is tremendously familiar in the conception of continued guidance; plus, overall charity. During my career I turned to him with questions more than once. His actions were to supply advice, direction to help, or answer my questions.                            

                            Standing beside Mr. C, he demonstrates ethics, integrity in pharmacy and the heart of SWOSU Pharmacy School I want to remember more than any other professor. SWOSU’s luck and thankfulness to have such eminence warrants better recognition instead of lessless.

March 6, 2013, Sandra studied with Dr. W. Steven at Southwestern State College

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