Book Review: The Change Agent by Mark Sasscer

Book Review:  The Change Agent by Mark Sasscer

Two positive attributes from The Change Agent include reinforcement in my beliefs by these two comments of the book on pages nine and 18 respectively; “Being Authentic,” “It’s about how we act.  Those of us on the executive team need to believe as though we own this company, as though every dollar we spend is a dollar of our own money.”   Recognizing vital components in this process, as demonstrated by the book, deal with seeing the need or stating the case then getting down to basics with the team to formulate the plan is thoroughly presented.

Questions at the end of chapter one will give most a feel for the basics in their organizational culture. Thus, I feel it sets a good foundation for a person to do a review.  Chapter five titled “Taking Ownership” is the meat of the book.   Here I found formal assessments that I plan to use both in the formation of my business while becoming –a change agent- termed:  5D Methodology, ARC Learning Methodology   and Organizational Alignment & Change Model.   Thought provoking questions at the end of chapter match perfectly too.  As a resource in aiding a person in need of this information these formal guides are worth getting the book.

“People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy.”  from Oliver Goldsmith on page nine of this book is a poor choice indicating punishing poor taste.  What encouragement does this give a person trying to push for change?  Did society evolve by having a model in place or was it a few chance occurrences of people stepping up to form rules for groups to honor?  Offense way my reaction to the quote I cited.  Ignore it!  No book or person is perfect.

A ‘Business Fable’ as a tool to teach management or administrative theories and practice, I feel it wastes my time.  My understanding is it might get one to connect better with people.  Another thought is it could be a money making scheme.  Articles, cases in the book or research on a real happening would cost less and be just as applicable.  This way the consultant makes money on forced audience sales.  Finally, attempting to apply novel writing to business cases by Sasscer is mediocre.  Sticking to nonfiction is my vote.

Personally, Sasscer and I agree on leadership styles.  Equality, the Golden Rule, fairness, ethics and acting in a legal manner while leading an organization or personal life should be at the heart of an organization’s leader and culture.

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