Disability day at the Capitol

TIME FOR IEP(4)’S FOR ALL: individual evaluation (of) planning/processing/procedures/policies.
 A helpful group, self-defined, spent a day teaching t coalition building; preaching, “It doesn’t pay to do the same old thing over and over!” What are they doing different? Spreading program 1 person/county full or part-time.  Half time salary is about $25K requiring no degree but desirable. Know little about resources(my opinion, they claim will help families/w)
 Another group decrees by state plan responsibility keeping Oklahoman’s with this or families on most up to date best practices based on evidence.  
     Missing is this information:  “Evidence-Based Practice &___ in the Schools.
     Guide providing appropriate interventions to students w/__ Spectrum   
     Disorders. + National Standards Reports, National Standards Project –   
    Addressing need evidence based practice guidelines ____Spectrum Disorders.
When asked what % ___ develop Schizophrenia? Said none do!  Wrong.  Don’t believe this. Look it up.  Einstein had a son that had Schizophrenia.
Did a Needs Assessment of people with this and families dealing with this, Review by posting on their website! How many small businesses fail? SBA recommended? How many groups existing 2 help disabled/special needs educational/vocational miss ½market (admit this is an estimate. However look at what I point out)?*****What groups dealing with health and learning, “That will bring us into the digital age,” missed resources on helping teens quit smoking (adults too)? Allegedly appears to a citizen to be stalling an Open Records Request that is no longer desired?>>>>>Simple Common Sense/Basic: Work email lists acquired (teachers), surely the Dept. Ed. would have thought of this.  Educating teachers – get to parents.  Nope., adult&teen smoking apps, health info apps, women’s info app 29 maybe + .Can this be found on any place? – Direct Connect gives funding (scholarships & training within direct care field/aim improvement. Which group or agency can tell parents where to find free pre-vocational social skills curriculum? Has failed to make the IEP a working document drawing out the list of strength’s/weaknesses in regard to careers; by sending out a notification about Jobfit/Onestopcareer & other sites having job interest survey’s parents could complete in Middle School (especially special needs); maybe taking the child to sites related to this career (Fire Station); reading to the child about this?  Fail to look at benchmarks other states have hit?  How much do Vocational Rehab Counselors make?  Teachers? Tell parents about 1? Teachers extended invitation 2 events w/groups?  Not Dept. Ed – TEACHERS? CLIF OGLE, President of AFT Oklahoma, knew most, if not all, resources;

 NCII, NCPD, Transition’s Digest (recently renamed) and more.WHAT IS GOING ON THAT PEOPLE ARE DOING WHAT THEY WANT INSTEAD OF LOOKING TO their mission…OASIS – like Dept. Ed.prevention could get list of hospital head social worker’s email and sent out their directory.  SAD – SAC, INFO-SHARING OKLAHOMAN THAT KNOWS OKLAHOMA IS BETTER THAN THIS

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