Project: Oklahoma Infinity and Beyond

Purpose of study is multifunctional;

Measure how much physical aspect the curvature of the spine has on Social Skills on those with Autism or new definition (Asperger’s, Spectrum Disorders)

Show a physical reason to bill insurance for Social Skills.  (ABA has already been shot down).

Create a reproducible teaching these skills in schools or support groups with an eye on cost. 

Propose new use for  ________product in this study to company.  This would be useful to Autistic’s.  Oklahoma economic gain is an undertone.

Autism is hot in research community.  Why not put Oklahoma on the map.

      See:  link to autism stated in the right margin   copy of a prescription an Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon wrote for my so at Children’s (my ortho doc sent me there are I would not have gone back to OU)

Warning idiopathic scoliosis  good to warn family of autistic child with this

If you want me to look up more articles to show a connection between scoliosis and autism, be glad to later (hands starting to hurt).

Model at School would include all are some: Drama Teacher, Coach (Physical, Recreational, movement expert), Speech pathologist, OT, Special Ed Teacher, Reading specialist (work on reading skills same time).    Normal ( if there is a real normal) peers to help model behavior and audiovisual to tape the kids.

Support group – volunteers period, any of those having training in an area, or attended  a workshop in this model.



Curriculum could be flexible. Career – free at  NO LONGER FEE BUT I BELIEVE PAID FOR BY THE LABOR DEPARTMENT FOR THIES PURPOSE example

Strictly Social – Wimpy Kid Series – A work book is a part of the series geared to make a kid think about likes/dislikes or life period.

Conversations Skills and/or Body Language only (reference books on hand) ________________may be cheaper than those designed for autism, speech books ect. ( my guess is they are),

Conversations ….other use working on languages at schools?

Again, I can provide more when hands better.

New use for product/helping economy Oklahoma bring Jobs






Please do not think this means I am hoping for a windfall of profits.  Only that I get to know things are being done and I don’t know.

Sandra Adcock 11717 NW 6 TH  Yukon, OK 73099 cell 850-0595

>>>>> THE ______ ARE LEFT OUT TO                                                                                          

                   PROTECT MY IDEAS UNTIL INVESTORS ARE ON BOARD.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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