True Success

True success can be graduating from college or learning to speak for the developmentally delayed toddler. What defines success? One dictionary stated success may mean a social level, meeting a goal or the opposite of failure. The only criterion for defining success that does not solely involve the individual is social status. Y

Yet, obtaining social status has to be a desire of the one that seeks it. Success is planned by an individual once he/she has broken the parental bonds. Walking is something the toddler wants to do. This longing is shared by the parents but the motivation must come from within the child.

Success is something that comes hard to those with developmental delays. A toddler may spend hours working with therapists and parents using flashcards to increase his/her vocabulary. However, the taste of success is just as sweet as a pro-football player making a touchdown in the Super Bowl. ImageImageImageThe difference in how society celebrates a certain kind of success doesn’t necessarily mean one is better than another. What it does mean is some success is celebrated with more grandiose dimensions

5 thoughts on “TRUE SUCCESS

  1. The one thing I have learnt in life about success is that is most certainly relative to the person experiencing it. All individuals, especially children learn and develop in their own way and at their own personal level. It doesn’t matter a fig if you don’t learn to talk until you are 5 or 6 or can’t walk until you are well past nursery age – who cares as long as the individual is happy and developing in their own way. 🙂 How many geniuses turned out to be dyslexic and thought of as stupid as children?


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