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My get away, “If!” written 7-26-13 by Ollamok

My get away, “If!” written 7-26-13 by Ollamok2COMMENTSPosted on September 15, 2013

One day, by God’s grace.I’d recall my father; no race.A day from heaven,To spend only with me. I pity the itty bittyPeople, never having a dad!How sad! I’d be mad!Doesn’t excuse being itty bitty and rude! My father called me Sandy, not Sandra.From him, I didn’t mind.He somehow made it, a loving banter.Tanner, my son, prompts recall how fine; after Grandpa, he is named Missing from my lifeevery since,A day in May, the year 2002.Whatever, for real, he is still!Real for me each day of the year. Memories speak his wisdom, love and care.He taught me and my sibs; Plus, many many more.Plenty of lessons. Lessons as a teacher,Hinting of life; good, bad n’ ugly! His preparation far exceeds. His excursion from heaven for a day.Tremendous to me it would be.Hugging, loving, and kissing! A hay-day!Plenty of questions; not all he could answer for me. Because the time needed,Grossly exceeding,Twenty four hours!My eyes tearing in a blur! Only a day, still is gold.Having dad for a day to hold.Rejuvenating my soul with life.For sure, God gave me a precious gift. Maybe a day with Dad from heaven,Is not to be in seven.What we call a week.Yet, that idea is not so weak! Because if one sees;His eye expands his view!Knowing that writing this gives me,Back a day in truth, with dad. Ever really get to do it?Because faith is demanding!Something, senses can substantially rate.Many of late, never get to but demean it! My day with dad from heaven,Has been renewing, God given!Closing this mini prayer, Grateful with thanks, I will be all year.Share this:

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