Battle of the sub-$300 laptops: HP Chromebook 11 vs. Acer Chromebook C720


Looking to grab a new Google(s goog) Chromebook without breaking the bank? Two recently released models are definite contenders for your money: The $249 Acer Chromebook C720 and the $279 HP(s hpq) Chromebook 11. Both are new but one actually uses a chip from last year.

HP 11 and Acer C720

If you guessed the lower-priced one, you’d be wrong though: It’s the HP model that keeps the 2012 ARM-based chip inside. That makes the less expensive Acer C720 with its next-generation Intel(s intc) Celeron chip the easy choice, right? Not so fast. I’ve been using both models for the past two weeks and if I had to buy one of these two, my choice might surprise.

Specs are highly even

Here’s a quick look at the base specifications for each device. You can see that they’re pretty evenly matched on most.

HP 11 vs Acer C720

The Acer uses Intel’s latest chip built on the Haswell architecture, providing both…

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