Am I Worthy?

I am learning about codependency which I define as being in survival mode. This has nothing to do with addiction to drugs, drinking or other chemicals.

Chris Martin Writes

The shame haunts me on a daily basis.

I’ve tried to be a good person, but I always end up failing. It’s not easy. It never has been. I am a woman with needs. I thought once I was married, everything would be perfect. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that is not the case at all. There are times when I still feel alone, unwanted, and not very important. In his eyes, I’m just an object, or more like a slave. He thinks my sole purpose for existing on this earth is to serve him. If I don’t make him happy, he threatens to leave me. How can I continue to live like this?

My mother told me, on numerous occasions, that divorce is a sin. A sin that God will punish severely. I’ve always had a difficult time understanding that. My husband doesn’t beat me, but abuse takes on many different…

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2 thoughts on “Am I Worthy?

  1. Please don’t devalue your worthiness and the place that you hold in the hearts of those closest to you, simply because you are temporarily ‘stuck’ in the grips of negative human emotion! That is ALL that SHAME is…temporary chaos. The reason you feel swallowed up by it, is probably because you haven’t comprehended the entire reason for it’s presence in your life, just yet. Sometimes, the most challenging adversities for us to overcome during our life-long recovery process, yield enough power behind them, to inspire us to initiate the necessary changes we need to make in our lives, in preparation for moving-on.


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