Ollamok’s first Twitter Cyber Party from her Tweety Bird Tree; Dedication To My Followers, Branches Getting Gul

Sandra Adcock  My biography in six words as challenged on Linkedin Write your life story in 6 words: Prayfully Godly Guided; Storyteller, Wife and mother.

  Twitter @ollamok

Health/Ed/Bus innovative plans to start own nonprofit, coventure LLC and coauthor autism book.  and

My favorite color is green.  Married in 93 to Bill Adcock a wonderful man.  Tanner came along in 96 with autism and all.  Never once regretted having him. Never wanted pity. Never would have thought about placing him in an institution. Turns out I was right.  He was just as smart as I thought.  A book by Wanda Draper and being re-released soon helped me feel like a parent should.  We know our kids.  The book is, “Your Child Is Smarter Than You Think!” I recently started messing with plants in a flower garden never thought I would. I love it.  Enough on to my Twitter Branches and getting to know them.

Yukon, Oklahoma 73099 ·

Mari Nosal   I have come to know her and one day want to visit this lady I feel I have so much in common with on many levels.  She wrote a book “10 Commandments of Interacting with Kids on the Autism Spectrum and Related Commandments.” You can tell she has a heart of gold.  Marimouth can’t wait to meet you.

@marimouth …  Aspergers Mom , blogger, Aspergers spec. ,M.Ed.,CECE, 30 years experience in human services & edu. ..

Massachusetts ·

Aspie (Erin Clemens)

@AspergerSadie FOLLOWS YOU  I have ordered bracelets from her.  Creative! Mad out of Duct Tape.  I haven’t see them yet.  She donates half to autism.  Half is the cost of the materials.  Now that says almost all you need to know. My conversations tell me she is humble, dedicated and caring.  Direct and honest like most on the spectrum.  Loved her!

I’ve #Aspergers, & I want to help others understand me better. Please feel free to ask me about #Asperger or #Autism, & check out my website and Tumblr!


Nisha Varghese

@Nisha360 FOLLOWS YOU My dealings with Nisha show a person with a sense of humor that doesn’t let life get her down. Nisha appears to have not one selfish bone in her body.  Always a positive outlook on life.  Nisha got me thinking about how to have a cyber party.  One day I want to have a real live Twitter party.  Any sponsors willing to pay for my Twitter party?

I’m a 22 year old woman with Cerebral Palsy who lives to make a difference and inspire people to do the same. Check out my blog 

East London, South Africa

Autism Today Karen retweets me a lot.  I have read her newsletter/magazine. It seems to be one of the best and most comprehensive on autism and resources. Hat off to you Karen.  This all shows she is dedicated to the cause of autism. She appears to me to be a lovely individual with varied interests. Can’t wait to one day meet you too.


Karen Simmons founder  & author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Children with Special Needs, Little Rainman & Official Autism 101 Manual

Edmonton, Alberta Canada ·


@shirleyalexis FOLLOWS YOU   Shirley I feel I have gotten to know you well. Admiration is what I can say most about you. Dedication and loyalty to your causes.  That speaks volumes about you.  Like me you seem to be vigilantly focused on what your heart speaks to you.  This sounds trite by now but true.  Looking forward to meeting you one day also.

#Abandonment forced me N 2 the OkStateFosterCareSystem ~#Trauma #Survivor defying the #Statistics I Write 4 Recovery#Advocate 4 Change & Vol #Crisis Rspndr

Everson, Washington ·…

susan mccann

@Susanjmccann FOLLOWS YOU  As part of my cyber twitter party I want to get to know people better.  You seem to have a number of interests.  You spread yourself evenly among lots of people and things to do.  How do you maintain such a balance?  I can mix with all types of people. That is not an issue.  I just zero in on specifics more. Could be some of my son’s traits in me.  OH well . God has us all with our parts in our hearts for a reason.  How many ways can I say this by now.  Forward to meeting you …Hey let’s plan to meet on another continent. That might make the real twitter party fun.  Any sponsors want to make this come reality yet?

Humanitarian, Mother, Wife, Author. Enjoy constantly learning about life, myself and other people. We should all smile more laugh more and make life more fun.


AvidAutismAdvocates Michael learned a little about you from a linkedin group.  Got your emal list.  The fact that you picked your handle as you did says plenty for me. Plan to get to know lots about you.  A person doesn’t pick your line of work for the money.  It comes from the heart.  You may have guessed by now I have a passion for passing on resources and information about research too.  Thanks for retweets.

If a sponsors pays for my real Twitter party.. be nice to get to know you!!


Autism writer, blogger, researcher of the entire Spectrum, website about Autism, looking for bloggers about #Autism, Author, Photographer, viedographer.

GA Autism Mom  is actively pushing for insurance to cover what it should already be doing. A dedicated mom.  I have learned some things about her and feel more like a friend now.  She is nice and glad to call her friend.

Autism Insurance for Georgia – Ava’s Law


Christian #autismmom in #Georgia. Don’t follow protected accounts. Supports Autism Insurance for GA-Ava’s Law (has FB pg)#autism #autismparent

Georgia, U.S.A.

Autism Oklahoma Dash  This is a molding of people.  I will just say hi and thanks for all you have done; Dee, Debra, Trina, Judy, Melinda and the rest!!!  KNow anybody to pay for my Twitter party?   We will get that Limo ride yet!


My name is Dash and my mission is to energize and connect the  community with friends and activities. Follow me!

Oklahoma ·

Susan Osborne

@AweOutofAutism FOLLOWS YOU  Again, you pick this field not to get rich but because you love what you do. Nice to hang with you in cyber space.  One day a real Twitter party might get us in real time. KNow any sponsor willing to pay for it let me know!  Thanks for the retweets.  Makes me feel less alone to know you have the same challenges I do.  Together we are stronger.

Autism Mom & Professional supporting parents with adult children with ASD & finding solutions to the employment challenges facing adutls with ASD

Culver City, CA ·

@AutismFamCenter FOLLOWS YOU

Autism Family Center  Love the information you share.  Your information is professional and aimed at families in one of the best ways I have seen.  It seems less sterile if you can understand my wording.  Thanks for being part of my cyber party.  ONe day hopefully a real human Twitter party will happen.

Providing a uniquely comprehensive approach to help individuals and families live with Autism. Located on Chicago’s North Shore.

Winnetka, IL ·

iTaalk with Elijah

iTaalk with Elijah

@iTaalkElijah FOLLOWS YOU  What can I say?  You are starting you on a road to doing what you want while serving others.  Admiration, respect and other words escape what I feel for you. Keep on doing what you are doing. If I get that workshop written and people listen to me about volume buying….I want you there kiddo.  Tell your mom/dad and sisters “Hi.” for me.  You are a definite on a Human Twitter party if I get to have one.

Elijah is 14 years old,with Aspergers Syndrome, and is raising funds to help other Autistic children receive iPads and other assistive technology for school.

Colorado ·


@iSolutionsASD  Picking the path you have puts you pretty much in the thick of it all.  It is a long road but having volunteered with those with autism, having my son and teaching school for only a year and bit over it; the rewards outweigh the money.  If I do get to have a real human Twitter Party hope you can come.  Know anybody with enough money to sponsor it and fly people here to Yukon, OK for me? Cyber space is nice by humanity or human contact is better.

HS Autism Teacher/Undergrad & Graduate Prof. -Interests: autism, ABA, special ed, AT, voc. ed/transition, & disability awareness; adore my son w/ ADHD

New Jersey

Melissa Cole, FACHE

@ColeFACHE  Passionate, I am too.  We will hit it off at my real Twitter Party.  Can’t wait.  I already feel the art of pharmacy is McPharmacy.  Why in the circumstances I am in moving away from the pharmacy counter!

BSN, MSW, FACHE: Passionate about connecting best in healthcare & technology w/out sacrificing the art of medicine.#patientengagement #ptsafety #HIT100 #HITsm

Albuquerque & Virtual ·



@OK4theArts FOLLOWS YOU Thanks for your help.  I have been convicted and will be donating to this cause.  One must return and be a part of all the needs of society only my corner.  I have to be honest and admit it.

501(c)(3) | We work to preserve and increase public funding for arts and culture in Oklahoma. We advocate for more arts education in our public schools.

Oklahoma ·

Boathouse District

@OKCBHD FOLLOWS YOU  I would love to hear more about your events and tweet for you. Thanks for your help.

OKC’s destination for water & land-based urban adventures!

OK Emp. Credit Union

OK Emp. Credit Union  THE CREDIT UNION WITH THE BEST SERVICE.  Been with them 35 years and the service is great.  If they don’t have the answer they find it out.  Like family is how they treat you.  Do you want to sponsor a human Twitter Party for me?  Okay don’t worry. I will find someone someplace to.  You are still the best.


Keep your $$ LOCAL in OKC Metro! We serve ANYONE who lives, works, or attends school in the OKC Metro. Local Not-for-Profit Institution. Vine: OECU

Oklahoma ·

Oklahoma River, OKC, OK ·

Cyndee of Rude Mom©


@pragmaticmom FOLLOWS YOU You have been most persistent in connecting with me.  I will have to issue a an invitation first if I ever have a real human Twitter Party instead of weekly Twitter Cyber Party.

I blog excessively about children’s and YA books. When I cover education and parenting, KidLit somehow slips in. 

Boston, MA ·

We Make Peace

@wemakepeace FOLLOWS YOU  Like Hugs I admire people that try to do what is right in this world.  If we don’t try in this world we will soon not have any world.  Help me find a sponsor for a real human Twitter party.  Until then I will just have to hold a Twitter Cyber party weekly where I get to know people better.

WE MAKE PEACE works to raise Peace Awareness. Peace begins with you. Join us today. Together WE MAKE PEACE #WMP



@oneHugHQ FOLLOWS YOU Love that you are doing what you do on such a level.  Still looking for sponsors for a real Twitter human party instead of my cyber party.  Thanks helping me with my goal of getting information to people!  Hugs to you and the world.  Sing the coke theme with me. “hold the world in my arms and keep it company!”

An App for Change! Making a difference oneHug at a time! Supporting #autism #breastcancer #cleanwater #poverty#payitforward

Sydney Australia ·


@MRSDBOOKS FOLLOWS YOU Thanks for the retweets.  One day want to meet and get to know more on a personal level.

Mrs.D(Olga D’Agostino) Award-wining children’s author (Mom’s Choice Award-The Trees Have Hearts).Children are made readers on the laps of their parents~Buchwald


Deb Chitwood

@DebChitwood FOLLOWS YOU  Debbie just getting to know you but you picked to serve.  That means you follow your passions.  I am sure you have a golden thumb.  Checking out your blog soon.

Montessori educator, mom of two successful homeschool graduates, blogger who loves sharing ideas and activities! …

Colorado Springs, Colorado ·

Julie Kelemen

@JulieKelemen   I love the way you stand up for your beliefs.  I may have sounded like I was arguing with you but I wasn’t.  For allowing civil discourse and freedom I salute you with more respect than you realize.  Thanks.  Stay firm.  Many don’t.  Those people have few ethics.  This act tells me plenty.

Reporter, writer, journalist, fictioneer, Muppeteer, copy editor. Retweets are not endorsements.


Literature for Life

@Literature4Life  Love your retweets.  Nice to see those devoted to helping people step themselves up.  I taught school for little over a year and the area of reading is a sorely needed skill that needs improving. Have you heard of the resources   There is a free book builder on the site and more.  It is under the menu. Look for learning tools.  It is free. Donations keep things going if people can.  BUT WAIT DON’T FORGET TO HELP THESE FOLKS IF YOU CAN.  Knowledge = Empowerment= Freedom   Rock on.

We promote the benefits of reading and literacy, helping unleash intellectual potential in young moms.

50 Baldwin Street, Toronto, ON ·


@mychildworldcom   When there was a glitch on your site you responded promptly.  That means you care about things. This speaks volumes.

A whole new web world for children and mums. Discover, buy and share anything you need and like for your child! Founder & CEO Pamela Bini

Europe ·

Each of you mentioned in the blog; I would love to learn one fact about you.  I want to make my contact with you real. I want to feel closer.  Love the retweetss and sharing information. However, sometimes I feel that I am only tweeting.  It is hard to tweet to a friendship.  

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