Please! Please! Fellow Authors & Friends “Needs Attention”

Take heed.

Barbara C Rowe Author


Please read this and THINK about it!



I have addressed this once before and no one commented on it. I am guilty in a small part, as we all are. We as Authors and Writers of all kinds want to be heard or have something to share, an idea, story, dream or just part of who we are. The whole point of writing, other than for our own satisfaction, is to have others read and enjoy or get something important out of our words.

We put up posts on our site, we take the time to think it through, thinking or hoping others will find its value….What do most of us do? We hit the like button….maybe read the article or maybe we just support the blogger/writer. Do we take the time to go and read it? Most of the time…..NOT!

I am not criticizing any of you…

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