Reply-A-Poem Laura Crean, “Here I am in the Forest of Life.”

Laura Crean asks, “Is anyone out there?”

Once upon a time I always skipped poetry.

Now I say, “Here I am in the forest of life!”

Declare how I feel. Um. “Confused, searching –

My therapist is making me stick it out now.” 

Is it fair? ” Hell no; even though taught to be so.”

My love is so mixed up, I cannot

Explain it to myself.  Exploring wants now.

While staying sane? Let me see, 

Define sane so we have a shared communication point!

Sanity, I think can!

Yet, I think we all venture back and forth to the edge often!

Honest anger? No I hated Yelling.

Now processing anger. Thus, will get back to you on that.

Break down and cry?  Of recent yes, and repeat again and again. Way too too much but you see; Burl Ives, “That’s Your Funny Way of Laughing,” was a favorite of my Dad’s. 

Our’s was a no cry society family.

Learning what already knew Dad wasn’t perfect but how to say it out loud. 

Nope it (life) doesn’t always get better.

But sometimes and many times it has become much much

Much better after trials.

That doesn’t mean; 
Money comes,

Or, magic “Poof,” life is great.

Means one finally gets oneself and maybe significant other.

With or by God’s good grace;

Prayers n readin his word!

Walking with him only; Not in front, behind

Or, turned away as we often do.

I know I have quite a few times in this life only at 51 too.

Learning to stand tall, yes, yes, yes!

Announcing to all, “I am free, to be who I am and I will make,” all the choices in my life.


This is a reply poem to Laura Crean’s  “Is Anyone Out There?” from her book “A Lifetime of Reflections.”

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