The Mothers Moment

Eternity is Worth The Fight

A day of celebration,
A party no less.
Friends and family had travelled across the earth,
For the young boy had righteously stepped into manhood.

Alas, thick rain torments the party goers,
To wander the gardens in escape, not today.
Watching as the weather hardened,
Water relentlessly falling from leaves to earth,
Puddles filled, reflections killed with unceasing rain.
Locking the people tightly together inside the grandiose abode,
Not even a breath to escape the conversation.

The boy knew of the fuss delivered unto him,
Preferring to steer clear of the crowds, the handshakes, the well wishes,
Happy and content he would be, alone in his bedroom.
Mother wanted this show,
He must join the parade the fanfare.

People carefully considered their small talk,
Of course they were in ‘good company’,
One must keep up appearances,
‘Business has finally picked up so we bought another’
‘Your daughter is just the…

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