Fast and Easy Duct Tape Purse

This is creative


Duct tape has been the go to fix it tool of choice in my house for many years.  There is nothing you can’t fix with duct tape.  But crafts?  Can you really do crafts with duct tape?!

I had to swing by the dollar store the other day to grab a new composition book for art journaling.  I decided I would cover it in some cute Duck Brand tape so that it might withstand the beating I was going to give it. With so many cute colors and patterns to choose from, I picked up a couple of rolls.

When I arrived home, my daughter reminded me of a cute party favor she had made about a year ago…  A duct tape purse!  Always the fashion plate, little miss was in need of a new bag to go with her spring outfits.  Who was I to stand in her way?! …

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