Ollamok’s 2nd Twitter Cyber Party! My Tweety Bird Tree Growing Plenty of Branches. Thanks!

     Hello everybody I have connected with everywhere. At first this was going to be a Twitter Party.  Yet, I have come across so many nifty cyber people. I will recap last weeks group then on to the party.  Praying some day this is a real live party!. Please this list is in no specific order.  That is what I am saying! I love you all!  Why I want to meet you all in the real world; instead of only Cyber wires. But till then; happy to be in your realm!

First Ollamok’s Cyber Twitter Party;

 @Marimouth  Mari Nosal friend, writer, mother, educator, wife and plenty to describer her!  More books out!

 @AspergerSadie Aspie (Erin Clemens)  On the spectrum, talented and makes pretty bracelets. I handed them out at the Oklahoma Autism Conference and they were a hit.  Plan to make it a trademark. Made in the US of  A!


@Nisha360 A very inspiring lady. Has a disability but way more abled than disabled!

@autismtoday One of best magazines on autism I have seen. More resources than many others!

@shirleyalexis  One heck of a survivor, writer, advocate and blogger!

@Susanjmccann One awesome lady that has it all together. 

@AvidAutismAdvoc ates Keep truckin for Autism. Thanks for everyone and personally for my son n myself!

@GAautismmom  One lady strong for autism! A mother, professional and decent human being! Doing her part and more for all!

@MyFriendDash The twitter handle for Oklahoma Autism. Keep growing.

@AweOutofAutism Your handle says plenty.  You found the silver lining in autism.

@AutismFamCen  This center is another great place growing people and helping families with autism. Thanks for the retweets and help.

@iTaalkwithElijah A power racing teen on the spectrum with his own nonprofit.  Going places this one is.

iSolutionsAwe Another up n coming one with plenty to offer.

@ColeFache Healer and co person in the medical field.  We all need to be a part of this.



@OK4theArts  You are doing plenty of great things for OK!

@OKCBHD  More great things being done for OK by you and bringing things to OKC and OK. Keep it up!

@OECU Keep up the great work for Oklahomans!

@pragmaticmom Thanks for the follow again. Let’s keep the roll on helping going. 

@wemakepeace Your Twitter handle says it all and more.

 Let me know if I can help more.

@oneHugHQ  Active advocates for sure!

@MRSBOOKS Children’s author and much much more.

@DebChitwood Mom with grown one’s on spectrum. Tap into this resources

@JulieKelemen Love the way you show your side. Honor the other and participate in civil discourse. May we find the right way to help all of society.

@Literature4Life You are doing good work. thanks for all you have done and are doing.

@mychildworld  Looking forward to more interactions.



First, I want to say personally thank you to Cap’n Jac aka on Twitter @freelancejoe. Thank you for all the connections, words of wisdom and starting Marsocial(Twitter @MediaArtsReview).  Thanks Kelly for the reminder on how important grammar is in writing if we wish writing to be effective.  Dr. Todd….even in poems.  I am taking a step back to double check things and read others instead of posting in a craze. 


I have made so many connections; along with learning many things Marsocial could only teach me.  @Saurcergirl,  Laura Crean,, has helped me more than I can pay her back. Thanks!


I’m a newby in Blogging, Tweeting and all this.  I promise the better I become, I will promote more.  I started blogging and tweeting in August. However, the really activity started in the last 8 weeks.


THANKS YOU ALL ABOVE  I appreciate the help.


Stacie Lewin on Facebook from and WeMomBloggers.  I feel like I have known her for awhile.  She hails from Wisconsin. It is odd that about the time I connected, I was planning and just back from a trip to Wisconsin where my Dad is from.  Stacie is a Christian that will help and prays!


@LynneSoraya Has many resources, knows plenty about autism and writer too.


@LyricTheatre Lyric Theatre@LyricTheatreFounded in 1963, Lyric Theatre is Oklahoma’s leading professional theatrecompany.Oklahoma City ·

@KeepItLocalOK Keep It Local OK@KeepItLocal Discover the best local spots in town! 

Oklahoma ·



 @Bios_CorpBios Corporation@Bios_Corp FOLLOWS YOU

Making better lives for people with developmental disabilities. Empowering people to reach their dreams! Oklahoma & TN ·



Mom of boy dx’d with the Big A: (Amazing!). Enjoy connecting with fellow parents who “get” my life. My blog is My So-called High Functioning I get what you are saying and like your blog.  I need to do more but seems in whirlwind now. Thanks for the retweets.


@garye.ok Gary England @garyeOK FOLLOWS YOUNever confuse fame with substanceNews 9 Oklahoma City ·  Thanks for all you do, have done and will do.  KNow anybody needing help with autism resources?  Have them put autism in subject line and email  


@EdmondActive EdmondActive@EdmondActiveEdmond’s Community Magazine! We  promote Edmond’s people, biz & events! With over 20,000 social followers, 13,000 print & over 4,500 digital readers! 315-7325 Edmond OK · Thanks for all the help on meeting my dream of getting information out. Love your magazine.

@NursesLink @NursesLinkTweets about nursing education, scholarship opportunities, nursing school programs, health, fitness, science and life! SF Bay Area ·


@43KIXOKC 43KIX Oklahoma City@43KIXOKC Your local connection to Hollywood.

Oklahoma City, OK ·  A great sources of news and more.


@Creative_OK  Creative Oklahoma@Creative_OK

Our mission is to establish Oklahoma as a world-renowned center of creativity and innovation in education,  This is a great blog and love reading it. Thanks Matt Chris you gave me the idea for this blog repeater. I thank you once again. Keep those thought provoking questions coming.


@homer6024 Nice to hook up with you on LinkediN and twitter. Love to see devotion in teachers like you.


@ThePuzzleSeries @ThePuzzleSeries Mystery author, social media consultant & trainer. For more see:Dublin, Ireland ·  A best author and + person.

@FreeLanceJoe ۞Joseph Ephraim۞@FreeLanceJoeHi, would you like to join some phenomenal #Authors, SET-UP your own Social Networking #GROUP & #SHOWCASE your #WORK? HERE:


@Saucergirl Laura Crean@Saucergirl FOLLOWS YOUAuthor of The Realm of the Purple Dragon The Rainbow Rune Series Also poet, Mummy and Sci-Fi nutter 3 xXx 3East Sussex UK · Best Poet Society nomination she has from me. Personally, I love her work.


@RobinsDesktop Robin Holstein@RobinsDesktopA virtual assistant company providing consulting and administrative support to small businesses and non-profit organizations. Headquartered in Diamond, WV.Virtually Everywhere ·  Looking forward to more interesting tweets and interactions with you.



@ExpWriters Express Writers@ExpWriters

Express Writers offers professional #copywriting services for your#webcontent, #blogs, #articles, #resumes, landing pages & #PRs. Call toll free: 855 909-TEAM.

Missouri · 


@burns_writer Nathaniel Burns Author of several historical fiction novels such as The Mummifier’s Daughter – A Mystery Set in Ancient Egypt. I love lasagna.Minneapolis, MN ·  Honestly looking forward to getting more of your books. Honestly though..bit behind.  I bought eleven of Winston Churchill’s book recently and more. Have to slow down. Dad was a history teacher.  I clepped out of Pre-CivilWar and after.  Thus, I didn’t have to take any history in college. Wished I had now for fun. Looking forward to catching up on my reading. Actually, bought some of yours but way behind.


@TheAwareShow  The Aware Show@TheAwareShow FOLLOWS YOU

Lisa Garr’s The Aware Show is an empowering Lifestyle radio show. Experts and best-selling authors are interviewed. Also on Gaiam TV!

Los Ang 


@Paul_Sonnier  Paul Sonnier@Paul_SonnierFounder, 21,000+ member #DigitalHealth group on LinkedIn, Member WEF @Davos @WEFGAC, Strategy @PopperandCo, Judge@XPRIZE, Mentor @BpHealth La Jolla, CA ·  Looked at the site and loved it. Looking forward to keeping up.


@Nowspeed Nowspeed @Nowspeed FOLLOWS YOU

Nowspeed is an Internet #Marketingng #PPC #SEO#SocialMedia #Email + #Website Focused on #sales #leads. Tweets by @mish_lynn @osartor @Griff_MG

Westborough, MA ·


@AmplifiedSocial  Social Amplification@AmplifiedSocial

#Perpetually #Amplified #Positive #Social #Energy~!Love what you stand for and do!  thanks for all your help in doing what I want to do . Help people get resources.

United States



@Soulseedsmedia and @Soulseedscoach Soulseeds Media

@Soulseedsmedia FOLLOWS YOU We work with clients passionate about using social media to spread life affirming messages and grow positive businesses. Here and now · Soulseeds Coach @Soulseedscoach Soulseeds Coaching is part of Soulseeds Media. We coach coaches in how to use social media to share your message. Here and now ·



@thinkingautism  TP Guide to Autism @thinkingautism Autism: What you need to know – From autistics, professionals, and parents. New essays every MWF, Book available now:http:// I just looked at your spot  and will buy the book. Looks Excellent.


I am sorry if I didn’t go into enough detail on each one of your spurts.  I wanted to get the social media, writing and personal connections in so much.  I love all of the new friends making.  Hope we can have a real party one day. Want to meet you all personally.  Until then I will try to do a Twitter Cyber Party once a week! While continuing the list from previous week!


For now and until next week.



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