Ollamok’s first Twitter Cyber Party from her Tweety Bird Tree; Dedication To My Followers, Branches Getting Gul

Reblogging b4 my next post of Cyber Twitter Part

Tell It Once And For Autism

Sandra Adcock  My biography in six words as challenged on Linkedin Write your life story in 6 words: Prayfully Godly Guided; Storyteller, Wife and mother.

  Twitter @ollamok

Health/Ed/Bus innovative plans to start own nonprofit, coventure LLC and coauthor autism book.  and

My favorite color is green.  Married in 93 to Bill Adcock a wonderful man.  Tanner came along in 96 with autism and all.  Never once regretted having him. Never wanted pity. Never would have thought about placing him in an institution. Turns out I was right.  He was just as smart as I thought.  A book by Wanda Draper and being re-released soon helped me feel like a parent should.  We know our kids.  The book is, “Your Child Is Smarter Than You Think!” I recently started messing with plants in a flower garden never thought I would. I love it.  Enough…

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