Space between the Universes

You expressed my thoughts of many times! I know we all feel like this some time.

<3..........Laura Crean...........<3



I seem to spend most of my time here, in this meditative state – this space between the universes, standing on the shore line of my consciousness, gazing out at the horizon of infinity.  I wonder what lies beyond that horizon, the edge of my unconscious – is there anything beyond that line?  I look around at the handiwork of my creation, my fictitious bubble of escape – my sanity sanctuary – I breathe the unreal air, warmed by a sun that exists only in my mind’s eye.  I taste the salty breeze drifting across the surf and feel its sting on my imagined sun burned face.  I turn to look up the beach to see if he is coming.  I don’t like to wait too long after my feet touch down on the warm sands before I see his shimmering figure in the distance walking towards me.  My…

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