This is “Childhood Cancer Awarness Month“ and More Health News from Ollamok

Reframing Resources

Thank you God my son has Autism only instead of this horrible other.
I never thought in writing, I would be crying. Tears of joy my son on
the spectrum means he will see the complete stream of light ROGBIV. Please
help me write that your might will make these things come to light.

>>>>Go to this page:

The National Cancer Institute will tell you all about it at another page your taxes pay for at this place.

*******Go to this page:

Now wouldn’t you think they would be letting people know about this page?  I am not going to keep you guessing! If my child had cancer; I would be screaming my ears off why had they not told me about this.

??????Go to the page:

Now I iz gonna talz like a hic thaz a not sound’n very smartz!  Yet,  I have this…

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