Those On My Gold Standard

Re-released and out now my favorite children’s parent guide updated by Wanda Draper, “Your Child Is Smarter Than You Think!” Thanks Wanda!

Reframing Resources

Part II review of “10 Commandents For Interacting With Kids On The Autism Spectrum And Related Commandments,”  will be done soon. Since I consider the book Gold Standard I want others to get all of the first part. Please!


Mari Nosol writes from the heart to parents and those that need to know what to do.  My Gold Gold Standard centers on Wanda Draper and her book “ Your Child is Smarter Than You Think!”  Imagine a professional thinking this or parents know a thing or two.


Another person that has written a book getting my Gold Standard approval is “A Matter of Panache: A Career in Public Education, a Traumatic Brain Injury, a Memoir of Surviving Both.”  Debra Sanders talks about Video Modeling before there is a real term for it.


For me those on my Gold Standard a common thread is teaching. Time in the classroom as a heartfelt teacher is…

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