Ollamok’s 3rd Cyber Twitter Party

Hello everybody I have connected with everywhere. At first this was going to be a Twitter Party.  Yet, I have come across so many nifty cyber people. I will recap last weeks group then on to the party.  Praying some day this is a real live party!. Please this list is in no specific order.  That is what I am saying! I love you all!  Why I want to meet you all in the real world; instead of only Cyber wires. But till then; happy to be in your realm!

First Ollamok’s Cyber Twitter Party;

@Marimouth  Mari Nosal friend, writer, mother, educator, wife and plenty to describer her!  More books out!

@AspergerSadie Aspie (Erin Clemens)  On the spectrum, talented and makes pretty bracelets. I handed them out at the Oklahoma Autism Conference and they were a hit.  Plan to make it a trademark. Made in the US of  A!


@Nisha360 A very inspiring lady. Has a disability but way more abled than disabled!

@autismtoday One of best magazines on autism I have seen. More resources than many others!

@shirleyalexis  One heck of a survivor, writer, advocate and blogger!

@Susanjmccann One awesome lady that has it all together.

@AvidAutismAdvoc ates Keep truckin for Autism. Thanks for everyone and personally for my son n myself!

@GAautismmom  One lady strong for autism! A mother, professional and decent human being! Doing her part and more for all!

@MyFriendDash The twitter handle for Oklahoma Autism. Keep growing.

@AweOutofAutism Your handle says plenty.  You found the silver lining in autism.

@AutismFamCen  This center is another great place growing people and helping families with autism. Thanks for the retweets and help.

@iTaalkwithElijah A power racing teen on the spectrum with his own nonprofit.  Going places this one is.

iSolutionsAwe Another up n coming one with plenty to offer.

@ColeFache Healer and co person in the medical field.  We all need to be a part of this.

@OK4theArts  You are doing plenty of great things for OK!

@OKCBHD  More great things being done for OK by you and bringing things to OKC and OK. Keep it up!

@OECU Keep up the great work for Oklahomans!

@pragmaticmom Thanks for the follow again. Let’s keep the roll on helping going. 

@wemakepeace Your Twitter handle says it all and more.

Let me know if I can help more.

@oneHugHQ  Active advocates for sure!

@MRSBOOKS Children’s author and much much more.

@DebChitwood Mom with grown one’s on spectrum. Tap into this resources

@JulieKelemen Love the way you show your side. Honor the other and participate in civil discourse. May we find the right way to help all of society.

@Literature4Life You are doing good work. thanks for all you have done and are doing.

@mychildworld  Looking forward to more interactions.

Recap 2nd Cyber Twitter Party

Cap’n Jac aka on Twitter @freelancejoe. Thank you for all the connections, words of wisdom and starting Marsocial(Twitter @MediaArtsReview).  Thanks Kelly for the reminder on how important grammar is in writing if we wish writing to be effective.  Dr. Todd….even in poems.  I am taking a step back to double check things and read others instead of posting in a craze.

@Saurcergirl,  Laura Crean,, has helped me more than I can pay her back. Thanks

Stacie Lewin on Facebook from and WeMomBloggers. Twitter handle @a49erfangirl. She hails from Wisconsin. It is odd that about the time I connected, I was planning and just back from a trip to Wisconsin where my Dad is from.  Stacie is a Christian that will help and prays!

@LynneSoraya Has many resources, knows plenty about autism and writer too.

@LyricTheatre Lyric Theatre@LyricTheatreFounded in 1963, Lyric Theatre is Oklahoma’s leading professional theatre company.Oklahoma City ·

@KeepItLocalOK Keep It Local OK@KeepItLocal Discover the best local spots in town! Oklahoma ·

@Bios_CorpBios Corporation@Bios_Corp FOLLOWS YOUMaking better lives for people with developmental disabilities. Empowering people to reach their dreams! Oklahoma & TN ·

@HFLifeMom HFLifeMom@HFLifeMom FOLLOWS YOUMom of boy dx’d with the Big A: (Amazing!). Enjoy connecting with fellow parents who “get” my life. My blog is My So-called High Functioning I get what you are saying and like your blog.  I need to do more but seems in whirlwind now. Thanks for the retweets.

@garye.ok Gary England @garyeOK FOLLOWS YOUNever confuse fame with substanceNews 9 Oklahoma City ·  Thanks for all you do, have done and will do.  KNow anybody needing help with autism resources?  Have them put autism in subject line and email

@EdmondActive EdmondActive@EdmondActiveEdmond’s Community Magazine! We  promote Edmond’s people, biz & events! With over 20,000 social followers, 13,000 print & over 4,500 digital readers! 315-7325 Edmond OK · Thanks for all the help on meeting my dream of getting information out. Love your magazine.

@NursesLink @NursesLinkTweets about nursing education, scholarship opportunities, nursing school programs, health, fitness, science and life! SF Bay Area ·

@43KIXOKC 43KIX Oklahoma City@43KIXOKC Your local connection to Hollywood.

Oklahoma City, OK ·  A great sources of news and more.

@Creative_OK  Creative Oklahoma@Creative_OK

Our mission is to establish Oklahoma as a world-renowned center of creativity and innovation in education,  This is a great blog and love reading it. Thanks Matt Chris you gave me the idea for this blog repeater. I thank you once again. Keep those thought provoking questions coming.

@homer6024 Nice to hook up with you on LinkediN and twitter. Love to see devotion in teachers like you.

@ThePuzzleSeries @ThePuzzleSeries Mystery author, social media consultant & trainer. For more see:Dublin, Ireland ·  A best author and + person.

@FreeLanceJoe ۞Joseph Ephraim۞@FreeLanceJoeHi, would you like to join some phenomenal #Authors, SET-UP your own Social Networking #GROUP & #SHOWCASE your #WORK? HERE:

@Saucergirl Laura Crean@Saucergirl FOLLOWS YOUAuthor of The Realm of the Purple Dragon The Rainbow Rune Series Also poet, Mummy and Sci-Fi nutter 3 xXx 3East Sussex UK · Best Poet Society nomination she has from me. Personally, I love her work.

@RobinsDesktop Robin Holstein@RobinsDesktopA virtual assistant company providing consulting and administrative support to small businesses and non-profit organizations. Headquartered in Diamond, WV.Virtually Everywhere ·  Looking forward to more interesting tweets and interactions with you.

@ExpWriters Express Writers@ExpWriters

Express Writers offers professional #copywriting services for your#webcontent#blogs#articles#resumes, landing pages & #PRs. Call toll free: 855 909-TEAM.

Missouri ·

@burns_writer Nathaniel Burns Author of several historical fiction novels such as The Mummifier’s Daughter – A Mystery Set in Ancient Egypt. I love lasagna.Minneapolis, MN ·  Honestly looking forward to getting more of your books. Honestly though..bit behind.  I bought eleven of Winston Churchill’s book recently and more. Have to slow down. Dad was a history teacher.  I clepped out of Pre-CivilWar and after.  Thus, I didn’t have to take any history in college. Wished I had now for fun. Looking forward to catching up on my reading. Actually, bought some of yours but way behind.

@TheAwareShow  The Aware Show@TheAwareShow FOLLOWS YOU

Lisa Garr’s The Aware Show is an empowering Lifestyle radio show. Experts and best-selling authors are interviewed. Also on Gaiam TV!

Los Ang

@Nowspeed Nowspeed @Nowspeed FOLLOWS YOU

Nowspeed is an Internet #Marketingng #PPC #SEO#SocialMedia #Email + #Website Focused on #sales #leads. Tweets by @mish_lynn @osartor @Griff_MG

Westborough, MA ·

@AmplifiedSocial  Social Amplification@AmplifiedSocial

#Perpetually #Amplified #Positive #Social #Energy~!Love what you stand for and do!  thanks for all your help in doing what I want to do . Help people get resources.

United States

@Soulseedsmedia and @Soulseedscoach Soulseeds Media

@Soulseedsmedia FOLLOWS YOU We work with clients passionate about using social media to spread life affirming messages and grow positive businesses. Here and now · Soulseeds Coach @Soulseedscoach Soulseeds Coaching is part of Soulseeds Media. We coach coaches in how to use social media to share your message. Here and now ·

@thinkingautism  TP Guide to Autism @thinkingautism Autism: What you need to know – From autistics, professionals, and parents. New essays every MWF, Book available now:http:// I just looked at your spot  and will buy the book. Looks Excellent.

I am sorry if I didn’t go into enough detail on each one of your spurts.  I wanted to get the social media, writing and personal connections in so much.  I love all of the new friends making.  Hope we can have a real party one day. Want to meet you all personally.  Until then I will try to do a Twitter Cyber Party once a week! While continuing the list from previous week!

****************Here comes the Twitter Cyber Party 3rd list from my Tweety Bird Tree. and  the very full branches of friends it is growing.  Thank you all parties and future friends too.  Always want to ask if anyone venture capitalist wants to underwrite a real party for advertisement? Think what a social media blowout this would be!  Until then I will promise to get to know you one at time this way.

@The Formal Niche ** Partial to this one as my niece started her business soon. Best of luck Courtney.@TheFormalNiche FOLLOWS YOU

OPENING END of NOVEMBER 2013! A Bridal and Formal Consignment Store where you can find your perfect gown or consign your own.

Yukon, OK ·


Andrew Spence


Internet Entrepreneur, Writer and Online Marketing Trainer

London, UK ·

Deke Bridges AKA Muscle man and diamond’s glitter!

Thanks for all the nice interactions this week and confidence lifting in my blog abilities. Means a lot. Happy Holidays. One day a woman will be lucky to have you, maybe :^)).

Andrew Speno thanks for the follow and think a business deal could be in the works.  First, I want to make sure God has me on the right path. Or, I doing what he wants me to. Seems to be now. Think have a knack for the writing and  twitter. Thanks again for help and if I can help a person with autism resources or other let me know.

Donald Jones hit man you are a hit in my eyes. Thanks for everything. Looking at your CD. Anything in download mode?  Doesn’t matter. Will get Cd soon or after Christmas.

@newjerseyhitman FOLLOWS YOU

Political Fixer, Musican, Art Collecter, and historian . New band and cd on the way. Old band is at 

Philly ·…

@AndrewSpeno FOLLOWS YOU

Business Owner, Corporate Speaker, Husband, Father, Christian, MMA and Boxing Fan

The Ghetto ·

@dekebridges FOLLOWS YOU

Social Media, Online Marketing, SEO, IT Geek STUFF, Great tips! Creative writing, Running, Entrepreneur, Breathe deep, Smile more!#GoDucks

Portland, OR

Stress Free Kids


Lori Lite: Relaxing Stories 4 Kids Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Grow Self-Esteem- Indigo Ocean Dreams CD&Downloads-Spanish too. Parenting Guide-Jan.2014

Worldwide ·

I appreciate the uplifting words, retweets and more.  Let me know if can do anything for you!



Wife to an Artist, Best Mom Ever, Chief Bottle Washer, and Laundry Specialist. Then in my spare time (lol) #MomBlogger#BrandAmbassador #SocialMediaJunkie

Bay Area ·

You have no idea how I appreciate the blogging chance. Because of it I will work hard to drive the sales. I must say the product is one I believe in or else I would not work hard at it either.  Excellent book for kids.

Richard Stremlow

Richard Stremlow

@RichStremlow FOLLOWS YOU

Owner of Video Surveillance & Security Home Automation Products HD CCTV Solar IP Cameras. Wireless

Thanks for the wisdom on my niece’s business. Greatly appreciated.

Fay Earlene

Fay Earlene

@fayearlene0894 FOLLOWS YOU

Christ Follower/Small-Town Girl Ephesians 2:8-9

Thankful for the retweets and Christian fellowship!

Arizona/Texas ·

Marie Duke

@MarieDuke99 FOLLOWS YOU

Author of Autism and Assholes. Mother of 4, youngest of which is blind/autistic. Firm believer that laughter is the best medicine. Not the typical Autism Book

Houston, TX ·

Love the honesty in the title.  I think of a helicopter pilot that was such when we were in Hawaii in 2007.  My son was 11.  The pilot never considered a disability he just yelled he wasn’t paying attention.



Make an app for your business in minutes

jennifer james

@_jenniferjames FOLLOWS YOU

mother, writer etc.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ·

Jennifer we are too close not meet for lunch!  I feel like I know you so much. Thanks for the retweets and help thus far. If I can help let me know.

Diamond Burlesque

Diamond Burlesque

@DiamondBurlesqu FOLLOWS YOU

#burlesque #bettiepage #thecramps #blues #electroswing#bellydancing #marilynmonroe #adults

Glad we can follow each other.  Appreciate and glad for the shoutout! Keep being the way you are!


PLUS, behind in my writing big time.

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