Ollamok’s 3rd Cyber Twitter Party

Tell It Once And For Autism

Hello everybody I have connected with everywhere. At first this was going to be a Twitter Party.  Yet, I have come across so many nifty cyber people. I will recap last weeks group then on to the party.  Praying some day this is a real live party!. Please this list is in no specific order.  That is what I am saying! I love you all!  Why I want to meet you all in the real world; instead of only Cyber wires. But till then; happy to be in your realm!

First Ollamok’s Cyber Twitter Party;

@Marimouth  Mari Nosal friend, writer, mother, educator, wife and plenty to describer her!  More books out!

@AspergerSadie Aspie (Erin Clemens)  On the spectrum, talented and makes pretty bracelets. I handed them out at the Oklahoma Autism Conference and they were a hit.  Plan to make it a trademark. Made in the US of  A!



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