Hinkley Point — Deal or No Deal?

Roger Helmer MEP


Exactly half a century after the world’s first commercial nuclear plant began operation in 1956, British politicians decided to reverse the decline of the industry their predecessors had pioneered.  Back in the ‘50s, it took just five years to plan, commission and build Calder Hall, which began producing energy in October 1956.  But it has taken two governments seven years to draft energy bills, planning bills, design assessments, and much more besides to get to the point where we are now. French and Chinese state-owned companies will invest $16 billion on the new reactors at Hinkley Point.  I’m delighted that at last we’re building new nuclear.  But is the financial package a good deal for the energy consumer?

The short answer is No. The operators of Hinkley will receive a strike price £92.50 /MWh fully indexed to the Consumer Price Index (with a small discount if they proceed with a…

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