Holidays Gift Guide (3) : Bobbi Brown Deluxe Beauty Trunk


There are some things women will always buy even in the most difficult economic times : beauty products. It’s a proved fact! The beauty industry saw growth even now when we leave tough times and others industry are fighting to survive. And during the Big Crush in 1929 the only thing women didn’t stop to buy was lipstick.

Today on our gift list goes a trunk full of beauty goodies. How does this sound? It does get better when this beautiful trunk is packed with products from Bobbi Brown! Ladies and gentlemen here it is the Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Collection Deluxe Beauty Trunk in gold metal worth $400. It includes Smokey Warm or Smokey Cool Eye Palette $48.50. Twilight Pink Lip & Eye Palette $80. Everyday Pretty Lip & Eye Palette $30. Sequin Shimmer Brick $48.50.Nude Glow Shimmer Brick $45. Lip Gloss Trio $42. Mini Brush Set $70.

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