My Christmas This Year My Way


       My Christmas This Year My Way: I have chosen to do Christmas my way this year.  Drawing names and getting a list is no fun. I like to try and find out what a person wants by the old fashioned way; knowing them and talking to people that know them.  Disappointing Christmas gifts when people complain have me really tired of going to a lot of trouble.

**********We do the dutiful prayer at Christmas meal but how many donate to anything at Christmas?  Remember why we celebrate Christ’s birth at Christmas?  We never mention it when it is time to open gifts.  The spirit of Christmas has almost died for me.

Told to buy gifts for a nephew because he needs them.  The same person didn’t want to buy for a sister-in-law that is in a group home for those that are challenged.  I mean Christmas has become a hard time for me to enjoy.

       My husband may have a point.  I miscarried 16 years ago about Oct. or so.  I buried the memory.  Could I have blamed God? I don’t know.  But, still people really forget the reason Christmas is celebrated.  I miss my dad so much.  Another person I miss is a lady that lived across the street from us when I was growing up.  She always had the best candy.  Homemade fudge and every kind of candy you can imagine.  All in a wonderful tin with a Christmas picture. Sometimes she even refilled it for us. I worked at a grocery store in high school. I always bought her a small decorated Christmas tree in a pot.  I continued that tradition for some time.  When she died a part of Christmas died with Mrs. Kirsch. 

       This year I have decided not to draw names.  However, I am making gifts.  People said I thought you weren’t doing gifts this year.  I said I am not drawing names.  However, I am making gifts.  Did you see the picture of the sub?   I made a nurse’s hat for my sister- in-law some time ago.  A microscope kleenex box cover was a gift for my sister that is a cytotechnologist. My other brother the CPA got a nameplate.  If someone out there can think of a different thing to make this CPA brother let me know.  The sub you see at the start is for my brother that retired from the navy as a Lt. Comm; a nuclear engineer, he served on Boomers and Fast Attack subs.

       I donated anonymously $100 cash to be given as cash to a family. Now I know an Executive Director that can pick a family that won’t blow it.  I wish I could give more but have other charities to give. Why cash you may ask?  Well after 15 years of working at Skyline Urban Ministries, a food pantry; I know some hate to feel less than human.  I heard at Skyline some talk about wanting to be able to give cash to their children for Christmas.  Giving to others makes it feel more like Christmas.  My family seems to have all they need.  I told my friend to tell the family it was from God.  Really all are things are from God.  At least I believe this.

      I am buying for the kids.  I believe that Christmas should be about the kids.  I want to see them open their gifts and tear into them. If our house is the place to be. I will do what I want to this year. I let things eat at me.  I want to see one girl that loves to open gifts with a zest get at them. I let everyone else run my house at Christmas; well not this year. I will do what I want.  Opening presents first. Then we will eat.  Having fun.  Back up. We will talk about what Christmas means.  Homemade gifts will be explained for the adults.  Return policy for amazon is easy. This is one reason I shopped there. If people complain too much next year may have lumps of coals in their socks for real.

       I may want to tell them about how Christmas was great when dad was alive.  Why it was better.  What Mrs. Kirsch meant and what she brought to Christmas.  Christmas shouldn’t be a bad time of year. I let it get out of control by giving my power away. I let selfish people steal the good away from Christ’s time.  

       This year will be different. Christ will be remembered.  Gifts will be special.  I will not let people run over me in my own home. My power is being taken back.

       I encourage people that feel like me to look at what has caused them to dread Christmas.  Then think what would make it special for them.   I am doing it and I am enjoying it.  I am sending Christmas Cards that don’t look nothing like Christmas Cards. They support a local young autistic group called Beesknees’.  They make cards, calendars and more.  I am choosing to have fun. If others don’t like how I am doing Christmas, then they can go elsewhere. 



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