Your life doesn’t have to be crazy…REALLY???

Culture Monk

always hope for tomorrow

by Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday at coffee a mid-fiftyish woman standing behind me in line at the counter asked if she could buy me a cup of coffee…..never one to turn down a free cup I obliged, “So is there a special occasion for you buying a cup of coffee for a stranger?” I asked

The woman ended up sitting down with my friend and I for an hour and told us her story, turns out that she was very excited about her upcoming wedding which was happening the next day, “All throughout my 20’s and 30’s I was your average young person whose life was filled with a lot of dead-ends….I wasn’t ever seriously depressed, but I was also never very happy…..I kind of muddled through multiple decades aimlessly with very little purpose” she said

As her story progressed she told us about dating many different guys trying…

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