The magician in the high hills

Jon Rappoport's Blog

The magician in the high hills

The hunter at the end of day


~3 poems~

by Jon Rappoport

December 4, 2013


First, I give you two somewhat fanciful poems about sudden effects on the consensus called the space-time Continuum…the poems are meant to reflect the fact that the Continuum itself is exceedingly fanciful.

The so-called laws that govern it are provisional at best. Even experiments in the sterile conditions of laboratories reveal that humans can exceed statistical probability, when attempting telepathy and telekinesis.

But this is merely a pale clue that dynamic consciousness and existence operate beyond physical cause and effect and beyond material interactions.

The third poem, NSA Man, indicates the lockdown strategies taken to enforce the Continuum, to tighten it, to embroil the population in insane events designed to limit perception, to narrow it down to “crimes and possible crimes and pre-crime surveillance…

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