It Doesn’t Take A Martha Stewart! Project Part 1!

Tell It Once And For Autism




Recently, over the last year, my house has gotten out of hand a little. I finally got the new house of my dreams about two and a half years ago after 18 years of marriage.  I moaned and groaned but God knew when we needed it.  I have been sick on and off with fevers, vomiting, low thyroid, and other general symptoms.  My aunt has been nice enough to help from time to time.

A trip to Washington DC with my son had to be postponed.  Some piles made there way gradually up in places. It makes a person sicker to see their nice house less clean than they want it to be. Things are getting better.  I am still not back to par or know why I have been sick.  Fevers? Still a question. Hopefully the Epidemiologist can shed some light on this.

I used to hate arts…

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