It Doesn’t Take A Martha Stewart! Project Part 1!




Recently, over the last year, my house has gotten out of hand a little. I finally got the new house of my dreams about two and a half years ago after 18 years of marriage.  I moaned and groaned but God knew when we needed it.  I have been sick on and off with fevers, vomiting, low thyroid, and other general symptoms.  My aunt has been nice enough to help from time to time.

A trip to Washington DC with my son had to be postponed.  Some piles made there way gradually up in places. It makes a person sicker to see their nice house less clean than they want it to be. Things are getting better.  I am still not back to par or know why I have been sick.  Fevers? Still a question. Hopefully the Epidemiologist can shed some light on this.

I used to hate arts and crafts. I started watching Flea Market Flip.   I have been able to do the yarn/needle point for some time. A friend taught me how to do that.  I had started getting in to arts and crafts before my wreck.  

However, lately I find my self diving deeper into this NoNo lack for me. You see I always flunked art in school.  My handwriting was desperately sad.  

I am learning the old days are a far off memory.  I can have fun and you don’t have to be a Martha Stewart to finish a redo on furniture. 

I will show you some things I have finished. You may have seen them already. 

For now I want to tell you what I am starting with on this Project Part 1.  It is an old solider’s footlocker from World War II or Korea.  The material you can see is pretty tapestry looking.  I have spray paints and some art supplies.  I already  have a Glitter Glue kit and a hot glue gun.  Some plastic supplies include hearts and crosses, along with all different colors of yarn with more plastic in inventory.

The first thing I did was to clean it up one day.  Then I aired it out.  The next day I put a cleaning oil on it.  That brought more dirt off and shine back to it.  I painted it gold.  I thought about having it redone then realized it wasn’t worth the cost.  I paid $35 dollars for it. The new cost of supplies was about $95. However, I will not use all the supplies on this one project.

Here is the trunk after painting and left to dry.  My next post will be when it is completely transformed. Do I know completely what I am doing?


My answer to the question is, no. I have no complete idea of what I am doing. The point is you will make some mistakes by trying new things. I bet Martha Stewart did too.  You don’t have to be a Martha Stewart to transform a piece like an old foot locker in a decent storage piece of furniture. Heck I bet it even looks good enough to put in the living room. Yet, I am having an antique that means a lot to me made into a coffee table.

I hated art in school but I am having fun experimenting with things today. If you want to try it or something like it; I am here to say jump! No one will even know your mistakes most likely unless you tell them.

Here is the sub I made for my brother. I made mistakes on it. Yet, where can you buy this in the stores?Image

This is really easy. I made a coaster.Image

Now I am making a door knob Christmas decoration. I am going to change this up a little.  I will show you in Part II of this Project!

I don’t know about you but I learning to forget the things of the past and learn to have fun. Do not let your past limit your present or your future. I am also learning  how fun plants can be to have in the house. It is fun to see if I can figure out what will grow good on my own without looking it up.

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