Now With 25M Monthly Users, Social Photo Startup We Heart It Partners With Teen Vogue & Others


Lots of companies spend large amounts of money and time trying to attract the lucrative but elusive young demographic. So when something organically emerges as a trend-setting app for young people, it can be a pretty special thing.

Take We Heart It, the photo-oriented social network seems to have hit a sweet spot. The service, which I’ve described before as reminiscent of Pinterest in functionality with a dash of Tumblr’s youthful appeal, now has 25 million monthly users, which represents a 25 percent boost from the number of monthly users it had just six months ago when it announced its $8 million Series A raise.

And many of those users are young. In an interview this week, CEO Ranah Edelin said that some 80 percent of We Heart It’s user base is under the age of 24, and more than 50 percent of the users are in their teens…

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