Commentary “Rehired Hotsauce Hoodlum Educator”

Reframing Resources

Sources of information. Morning news TV show in Oklahoma City(said a few words also), Disability Scoop with a link to this article from the same paper;  Teacher Rehired Following Alleged Hot-Sauce Incident

Lillian Gomez, supposed to have force fed a child with autism “hot sauce enhanced crayons.”  She with her logic and teaching experience lead her to do this.  
Applying a simple rule known as “The Golden Rule,” would have been enough to tell this lady she shouldn’t have.
The judge said her actions were not severe enough to remove her from her job.  
I would be getting a petition put together, my son or not, if I lived in that area, Kissimmee, Florida.  The elementary school was Sunset.   
I hope this is not the Sunset on this case or getting the judge out of office.
They can’t spake kids without asking permission from the parents…

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