Fiction Story; War Waged Riding! When Walking would be Preferable Jackie States!

Ross, now nineteen with Gertie the girlfriend in tow, will be picking Jackie and her best friend Rozelen in from school.  Jackie could barely think of anything else.  Now 10 this January 2;  the party was the being held the weekend after school was back in session on Saturday, January 6, 1972. Rozelen and a few other girls would be in the house for a sleepover.
Jackie was talking to herself, “My  first sleepover. Four girlfriends besides Rozie. How fun, the games we will play and stay up all night!”
Mrs. Jimanash blurts out,”Jackie are you ready to do your times?”
Jackie could do these in her sleep. She was ready for the coke today if she could go through the 12’s and take her rocket out of the solar system. It was a game Mrs. Jimanash made up to motivate her students to learn their times through 12’s. 
“Yes mam. I am!”  Jackie answers as she goes up to the front of the room.  Two other students are the judges to make sure the sayer is doing the times right.  
Jackie, now in her mid-thirties understands this was a way of keeping three learners engaged and the rest of the class checking them.  Jackie smiles.  All for the love of a ten cent Coke.
Mrs. Jimanash had all the rockets start out on the sun. Every Thursday and Friday each person got a chance to say their times. This also taught the planets, the asteroid belt and more things about the solar system.  Jackie thinks the rings of Saturn and such counted for a level. Could have been moons.  That was some time ago. 
Jackie does remember she loved Mrs. Jimanash because she was an engaging teacher.  Plus, she got to  Cokes that year.
Jackie moves to another teacher class as this is part of team teaching to get them ready for Junior High as it was called back then.  Friday and one more hour.  
Boom the door hits the wood. Jackie and Rozie run to the car. Both slink back as it is not Ross, Jackie’s cousin, picking them up after all.  It is Brice Selnon, Jackie’s Dad.  He already smells like a two day drunk passed out on the couch.  There are other terms to describe a binge drunk but to the girls these terms match perfect.
Jackie politely, thinking fasts, asks, “Daddy, can Rozie and I walk for my part of my Birthday Present?”
“Daddy  walking would be preferable today!”
Slouching slowly as they slink in the car, Rozie goes this time, “Where is Ross, Mr. Selnon?”  
“Weeelll littleee Rozie, I got of work early and he and he …had to go in I think ..yes that is right. Go in, Go in early.”
Both the girls knew this discombobulation of talking meant or confirmed their worst nightmares.   His slurred speech was due to lots of beer.  This wasn’t going to be a fun ride home.  Walking was out. 
Mr. Selnon almost ran out in front of the Junior Police Crossing Guard.
Jackie was horrified.  She was going to be a Crossing Guard next year and an officer. Mrs. Jimanash had already picked her.  She was in training early.  “Would this stop that?” Jackie thought to herself.
The ride home was only nine blocks but it seemed like nine miles.
“Mr. Selnon, I forgot I need to go back to my house and get my overnight case. So I will walk home then get my parents to take me over later.  Sorry.  I was gonna help Jackie set up. But mom’s home early so she can get me over in time to help. Promise!”
“Okie Dokie, Rozieeeeeee.  WEEElllll SEE you later.” 
Jackie lovers her best friend but she can Chicken out a lot.
Jackie never lets her know these times when she feels betrayed.  After all it isn’t Rozie’s place to save her.  It should be her parents.
Mr. Selnon hit five curbs on the way home.  The small Metropolitan Nash he has now has a bent fender and flat tire.  
This means more embarrassment than ever for Jackie. 
Mr. Selnon falls three times as he changes the tire and passes out for couple of times for five or six minutes.  
Looking back Jackie wonders a cop never stopped or her dad never got picked up for drunk-in driving.
Finally, arriving home meant a long drawn out fight between her Mom and Dad.
Her mother couldn’t wait to tell Jackie as soon as you are out of school I will divorce your Dad.  Jackie got to re-hear the whole conversation.  Her dad though was asleep on the couch.  
At least he didn’t say the same thing over and over to her.  
Finally, he has slept off the beer and he watches the girls making the party a success as he usually does when more than Rozie visits.Image

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