Sometimes silence is sweet…REALLY???

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ “Kenneth, I just love the song The Sound of Silence” said my friend sitting with me at coffee the other day, he was referring to the Simon & Garfunkle hit from back in the day. I really like that song as well but even more so; I really enjoy the simple philosophy behind the title; ‘the sound of silence’…..of course we know that ‘silence’ is not a sound, but rather its the lack of sound.

I was thinking about that song the other day and it dawned on me; one of the reasons I love getting up so early in the morning is the silence….the quiet calm of early morning is refreshing in many ways and I find that I’m able to get more writing and more thinking done early in the morning.

I like sitting at the café when they first open. I’m usually the second…

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