Relaxed and it is soo good: Meeting Sensory Needs…

Thirty Days of Autism

P12408043It is interesting for me to consider H’s sensory needs and how these seem to have shifted and changed over time. In many ways his sensory processing differences are not as obvious in terms of needing accommodation as they once were, but they are still there and I expect they always will be – and that is just fine.

I sometimes wonder if the supports he needs have actually lessened as much as I think they have – or if we (H included) have just become adept at accommodating these needs more seamlessly and without much deliberate thought.

When we go to the theatre – H and I have a certain spot we like to sit – so that there is a metal bar in front of us. This suits me – as I have some knee trouble and am (like H) also quite notoriously wiggly – and…

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