“Your Child Is Smarter Than You Think!” By Wanda Draper Ph. D – A review.

Wanda Draper Ph.D.

First let me state my bias to this book and the author.  I

read the original book by Wanda Draper.  It was a breath of

fresh air to find a person that knew so much about true life

that actually wrote a book about children. It made sense how

this could be once I found out how much exprereince Wanda

had taught at all levels; from preschool to teaching medical

students.  True to fashion when I came to know her the

matter of fact common sense nature of the book was

present in her personality as well.  Wanda wasn’t a person to

get stuck on letters after her name.  She respects the

knowledge parents have when it comes to their child(ren).

Unlike many experts that dismiss the input of parents or

downplay the parents knowledge of their own child(ren).

In the introduction Wanda states her 4 reasons for

writing this book (or re-realsing..which I am glad she did) as;

*To increase awareness of a child’s capabilities and                    potentional.

*To better understand and accept the feelings and                    thoughts of a child.

*To appreciate the child’s perception.

*To act in relation to what will bring about a stronger              and more meaningful connection between you and                your child or your student.

I know Wanda personally writes out of a caring heart.

She is extremely busy working.  Taking the time to do this

book meant extra work.  Doing the book means she want to

accomplish the goals in real terms and real time.

“Your child has the capacity to succeed–in life and in

school.  I believe that ever child is endowed with sensitivity

or a spirit of hope from within, that makes it possible to

adapt to virtually any situation.”  She does say that those

with special challages face unique battles.  Yet, as a mother,

this was unique for me.  Most experts tell you what your

child can’t do and try to prepare you for the disapointments

that are soon to be at hand.  Gloom and doom are the things

they preach.

Other publications point out that if a child isn’t reading

by third grade on a certain level it is doubtful that child will

ever go beyond that.  Wanda, instead points out there is

potential and one can rise to the occasion.

The book doesn’t way a ton but covers all the

milestones, secrets of talking and how to get along with your

child.  Even if you don’t have children the book would be a

great read on how to get along with others.

Wanda talks about how lucky shew was  to attend a meeting of atronauts, her work with ophanages overseees and beliefs there are five elements basic to success;

*Getting along with others.                                                        *Self-confidence.                                                                        *Vision and a sense of wonder.                                                  *The abiity to focus.                                                                    *Self reflection.

Wanda tells you how to do set about helping your child to obtain the skills in working with your child(ren).  Furhtermore, she doesn’t rag on the parents about the past.  She acknowleges one can’t do anything about that but can work on things in the present and the future; basically giving hope and encouragement.

Of course she explains the develomental milestones of childhood and when it is time to be concerned.  She explains in depth about child develpment.  Wanda doesn’t have to make herself sound good.   She writes a short book that delivers content. At the end she give recipes for paste and the likes of home made.  This offers savings and a chance to engage parent and child in activites.

I do have biasis as Wanda being a friend.  Yet, when I bought the first version of the book I didn’t know her.  That book gave me back my gumption as a parent.  Parents without confidence are like a boat without a captian.

In short this is a must book for all parents, teachers or provider working with children.  It is priced appropriately.

To order the book now through Wanda Draper, contact her at or by phone at  1-956-499-4470.

Here is the Amazon link to order the book.

The hard cover is priced at $33.18, paperback $12.96 and the Kindle edition is $9.99.  Here is the  book information.

*Publisher is Morgan-James.                                                      *ISBN-10: 1614489912.                                                              *ISBN-13: 978-1614489917.

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