Going Forward With Positive Thinking From An Alcoholic History

I am told coming from an alcoholic family,
Has its repercussions damming with damage.
Whether we like it or not it is applicable,
Adult children of any type of alcoholic, funtional or other, a misnomer?

How can an alcoholic be functional,
When he/she leads and leaves a dysfunctional unit?
Confusing you see these words applied to me and mine.
Accept them readily I wouldn’t but that was my determination.

The worlds used to describe “codependent.”
As others, instead of “barely surviving,”
Mislead, shame people with titles of dysfunctional.
No one wants to be outside society or outcast!

Sad to see all the titles,
Leading people away from help.
For many yelp and yelp in pain.
Not wanting the nobility of dysfunctional, codependent or such things.

Survivior is a name,
That many could play the game,
Of this famed title,
Alchoholism, and the train wreck left behind.

Going on,
Forward to positive thinking,
Would only,
Require calling the rose not a rose!

Once the process take s hold,
There is hope for the bold.
Oh how simple words or word play,
Can change the mighty or the mouse.

Lesson learned must also be realized.
Funny how they have been heard.
Yet, the deaf ears ignored.
The approach and contenance make all the difference in the world.

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