“Music and Miracles,” Compiled by Don Campbell! A book Review.

Ever felt the music move you.  Had it settle your nerves?  Has it hyped you

up?  Is there anything to the healing powers of music?  Is it for the spiritual

and faithful?

Have you ever heard of the Shaman Drummers?  This book covers the power

power of those drums and the reverberation of thousands of years in history

as  healing and spiritual marching of this music.

Could you assist the dying?  Those of the wasting away AIDS deaths of the

80’s?  This tells of a galant lady that ministered with music to this group and

how it assisted with pain at times and comforted in the time of death.

Science based and don’t believe in religion or faith of spirit?  This book looks

behind the “Hocus Pocus,” to review a fasinaticing science physics and

biological basis for music healings.

Do you have a child with learning disabilites, autism or other related condition?                                                                                                                     You will want to learn about Tomatis and his methods of listening to retrain the

brain. This spills over into explaiing the science behind the healings

and methods too.  Tomatis was a French Ear doctor.  If you have heard of the

Mozart Effect this is tied in with his methods.

In short this is a very helpful book for those with pain, health conditionds,

learning disabilities and those that want to  learn more about healing with the

science behind music as the tool.

Music and Miracles –  New $13.11 but is only available from third part

vendors.  It was written in 1992.

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