Social Media Geared Age Specific

Did you know officially you have to be 16 to join facebook?

Would you like some safer or more educational social network alternatives for your youth or younger children?

There are age appropriate social networking sites.  These are said to offer safer networking options.  I supppose they may.  I am sure the age appropirateness is better and more educational specific.

I will try to list some of the sites mainly to make parents aware of the other choices.  Caution is my advice in that people will target

children and impersonate in any cyber medium.  Thus, please be vigilent in guarding your children!  Everloop is a social medium to explore for children under thirteen.  Games, pages and chat are

available.  The about page talks of top notch privacy.  I do not know. I suggest you check into all of these social networks and the ins

and outs associated with them/  This site did impress me more as a place with a mission to educate and provide an alternative for

youth to learn and empower them with literacy tools.  The above written about still applies but I would give this site a good double

once over.   This was created by a kid that is 14.  He was kicked off facebook after 7 days because he was too

young.  Zach Marks created with his siblings a social network that was to be fun, safe and educational place to connect with friends

play.  Again, please remember people can pretend to be your friend anytime.  Parents guard your children.    This site is truly parent interative about guarding the kids.  Interative features can’t be

done without parental approval and a credit card must be added to buy things.  Cruise the site to find out more.  This is for 7 to 17.  Kids under 13 must have parental approval.  It is said to be a kind of facebook

knockoff.  It is a closed network.  The games may contain violence.  There a few safeguards.  I would check check check it out.  Geared toward ages 6 to 11.   It is almost another facebook copycat with a few built in catches.

However, it is age specific and requires parental approval.  I can say this enough, wolves exist in impersonations of every kind.

Guard your children!

Ther are more but this was a place to get your feet wet and open you up to the possibilities and choices besides facebook for kids.

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