Theory of Mind is Blown; What Next? Basically states autistics unaware of other’s emotions!

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Blogging about “Theory Of Mind,” originally was not my intent.  I posted the picture of my son and I to introduce you to me; along with my passion for autism and resouces information.
Smiles in these photos should be evidence and proof that “Theory of Mind,” is unapplicable to autism and as the title suggest only a theory.
Remember your basic high school science class where it talks about theory as a hypothesis to explain something.  Until something better comes along and is proven otherwise, theroies are almost accpeted as fact.  Howerver, remember that things like; “The World is Flat,”  the sun revolves around the earth, the earth is the center of the universe, live cannot exist at the bottom at the ocean yet has been found to thirive, and plenty more of myths proven wrong were once accepted theory.
Let me give you the Wikepedia version of what “Theory Of Mind,” is straight from the sources.
Theory of mind (often abbreviated “ToM”) is the ability to attribute mental                                             statesbeliefs,intentsdesirespretendingknowledge, etc.—to oneself and others and to understand that others have       beliefs, desires, and intentions that are different from one’s own.[1]Deficits occur in people with autism      spectrum disorders, schizophreniaattention deficit hyperactivity disorder,[2] as well as neurotoxicity due toalcohol    abuse.[3] Though there arephilosophicalapproaches to issues raised in discussions such as this, the theory of mindas    such is distinct from the philosophy of mind.”
Even one cellulat organisms respond to stimuli.  One may argue this is inate behavior.  This could be but humans are more evl;oved than a one cellular organism.
It is commonly known that those with Autism or on the Spectrum suffer from fear freezing anxiety.  Definition of anxiety’
        anxiety – Dictionary Definition  – “Anxiety is the vague, uneasy feeling you get when you’re dreading         something.”

I picked this because the words “dreading something”  that means to me a person must be aware of  things, cause and effect relations, and react to stimuli.  Actually, I believe and many others will tell you this that Autisics tend to pick up on emotional changes.  They may misread the content but sense things are wrong.  I have found this to be the case with my son  Tanner.  He can sense things are amiss with people but the radar goes that far.  They are so honest and concrete in thinging they fail to think people hide the truth in what they say or do.
In these pictures you see smiles on my son’s face.  Have no doubt my son has been evaluated my a number of different experts and diagnosed more than once with autism.  Do I concur with all the experts say?  No!  I was told by three before my son was age 3 to place him in an institution.  Did I do this? Heck NO!!!   What I am getting at is “Theory of Mind,”  leaves plenty to be desired in the real of science to me.
* A person must be aware to be anxious.
* This suggest there is a reaction to stimuli.
* There are no updates that I know of on “Theory of                       Mind.”
Science, knowledge and technology are progressing at an almost exponential rate.  I challenge “Theory of Mind,” to keep up.  There may be something to this but I fail to recognize it.  It is almost taken as Autism Biblical Principle that this is correct.   Accept if if you must.
I would say do your homework.  My son is more than aware of my moods and when I am feeling bad.  After my wreck and suffering a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, he was the one to tell me I was different.  This lead to me hafint the faith to go against the healthcare system and providers to get the help I needed.
Here is another example of how change is going on in science.  Once thought of as the reward chemical and neurotransmitter, dopamine was all the hype.  However, now it is thought that dopamine is secondary in the rewaard system process and glucose regulation in the brain is responsible for the reward system feedback. I  am stating this from my science background as a pharmacist and reading I have done.  I will not list all the information and articles I have to back this up.  I will let you do your own research.  If you have a comment or wish to discount this, do so.
I see autism as a beautiful thing and am blessed to have learned so much from my son.  Never pity me for having a challenging son.  I pray I rise to this occasion.
I will mention that I am writing a book, “Tell It Once And For Autism.”  If you are interested in being interviewed for this book please message me on my facebook page….
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