Next in Healing: Anger is fear draped in self protection.

Anger is fear draped in self protection.
So simple, now I know it seems.
I swear a path of redirection
To handle these rips, tears and seams.

Walls built up!
Trumphets sounded, like Jerricho,
Shall with God’s help, crumble!
Again, I shall laugh and shout with joy.

How long have I clung to anger?
For in reality it was my fear!
Personal power must be guarded so not to languish
In this matter, one must learn boundary setting saving one from anguish.

Parents drinking, being drunk or driving like,
Isn’t kind, remember we had or have no button of rewind for if.
What example given is what was seen.
Reading this? I plead step up for yourself and especially your kids.

If your parent(s) drank
Your heart sank
To call them alchoholic.
Remember none are perfect before visit re-scolding.

You cannont fix all.
Learn to relax.
Some must learn 
This, while others easily disearn.

Other hurts?
They smart!
Rip them open.
Healing you have chosen.

Now let go of old self protection modes.
New ways, directions place and releases;
Shall find you new safety
Of which only God gives.

This will rid you of your fear!
Finally get you in gear.
Find you in touch 
with God, and yourself! VERY MUCH.

The realization that;
Anger is but fear
Cloaked in self protection,
Is a truth of freedom setting.

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