Lamb Chop Reincarnated

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Our region of the country received another snowstorm yesterday. To cope with this “storm” (3 inches), everyone in our area rushed to the grocery store to buy their beloved bread and milk. It says something about us that these two items are our staples, as opposed to beer and peanuts, ice cream and wine, or, my favorite, hot buttered popcorn and Diet Coke.
Leaving the house this morning, I searched everywhere for my gloves, which were nowhere to be found. Gloves, like socks, seem to disappear one at a time. Because they are not washed in the washing machine, the dryer cannot be to blame. I did manage to find one glove, one of those tiny gloves that look like it would fit a Barbie doll, but, when stretched and pulled, actually do fit on a grown-up. After much searching, it’s mate seemed to have flown the coop. Desperate because…

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