“Disbility Scoop headlines zoom about $ costs of raising child with autism!” What about the invisible $ costs of raising autisic child?”

Disability Scoop states it costs about $17,081 per year  to raise a child with autism.  What does that cover?  Therapies and clothes?  Scoop goes on to say it costs about $3000 a year more than rasising other children!

That is the news. Bang on the bucks?  I doubt that.  I would quibble with the math a little.  What does it cost in  $’s related to one parents quitting his or her job?  Don’t think this is about the injustice of being a mom of a child that is almost a man now. 

I quit my job almost.  I went part time so I could stay at home more with my son when he was younger.  Although, there was one diagnosis  of Autism at age 20 months; others wanted to hold out and forego labels and labeling.  Why?   The treatment would be the same.  The costs the same because I wasn’t on Medicaid of Oklahoma at the time.   My husbnand and I had both worked very hard.  Had we been irresonsible and not planned, became pregnant without a father and repeated this behavior; Medicaidd most likely would be my insurance.   A mother on Medicaid often gets all of the insurance theapries paid for that private insurance doesn’t cover.

I am going to catch a lot of grief because of this.  Why do we create such a culutre?  I am sorry if regular insurance doesn’t pay then Medicaid should not have paid.  I paid for more children’s payments of therapies than I could pay for my son’s personally by working and paying taxes.

Sorry that isn’t fair.  Why I am on this subject.  Only a specific number of children should be paid for by Oklahoma Medicaid.  A woman that keeps having children past that point should be responsible for all the health insurance costs. Why not?!!

Is life fair? No.  But then we need to cut some costs.  Make people aware of the choices they make.  My son having autism is not the issue.  My personal costs should not be that and every body elses that can’t take care of their kids.  If that is the problem there should be a limiit.  Then the invisible costs of raising children with autism will be less of a $ burden; heaertache burden and more.

I worked so others could stary at home on their ass.  I will not back down on  this.  These scars flair up and when costs com up I think of this.  Why I had to make these choices but a mother that has had too many chilldren she can’t afford had nothing to think about when it came to getting the best care for her child.  

Invisible costs are those that stick with people.   Divocrces, fights and other stress that arose becasuse of the lack of ability to care for a child of any kind; autism or developmental delay. There are majical words that send set me on fire still.

I am sorry.  I am only looking at equality in the terms of what should be.  People that can’t have children but have them should get a one time hand out .  This would allow for those with autism and other areas to get the need they do.  We still end up giving the poorest the most.  I am tired of hearing this.  It is bad to be this way or say these things.

It is being a grown up.  I made my decisions.  Let’s make the hard decisions that need to be made.

If a person had a kid and can’t afford it.  Adoption is out there for this reason.  I give plenty to charity.  Color is not an issues in this realm.  Stupidity on having children one can’t aford go across the spectrum. 

Count what we spend on this.  Only offer ia set amount to families that have children from now on and the cost will go down on raising any child with a disability. 

To see the Disablility Scoop on costs go to this article via @disabilityscoop


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