Autism Speaks Med Guide Grade C & What a Pharmacist Can Do To Help!

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Autism Speaks get C in my book on their Medication guide


url                                                          cvs-logoPHARMACIST ARE PAID TO HELP

The Autism Speaks Medication Guide made it sound like medications should be a last resort.  In theory I agree with this.  However, there are times that this is not true.  These are for  parents/doctors/nurses to decide. Pharmacists may be part of the team or simply there to provide parents with information.  The real determination should be between the patient/parents and the doctor to determine what the need is; then what line of therapy is to follow.

One area I might think medication is a line of treatment above behavior modification is head banging or threating suicide.  AGAIN I AM NOT TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO BUT GIVING EXAMPLES OF CASES.  You must decide what is the…

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