Tanner you came with no banner,

Telling of what Kanner had seen,

Why then a label did I seek?

Not for fables.

But to address autism the best I automatically could.

I sought the knowledge I knew God had bestowed

As part of his wisdom

To parents caring for miracle children

You see, precious things

Are what you and your friends

Were sent to be examples,

And teachers to us to have purity of heart.

Please never feel you are a burden!

I say throw out Theory of Mind!

You guys are tuned into emotions so that

You sense a person’s slight displeasure

All of you children

Try to change this Mood of Displeasure

To a good peaceful one emotion.

Now I beg a mother/father

To ask for much better

I pray I am up to the task

God may I ask with all my heart to do right by the special aut-tists that are really all-ists?

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