1 You Don’t Have “To Be A Martha Stewart!” Part II

Hello everyone.  I want to encourage people to try things they think they can’t do!  I want to tell you I am a perfect example of what it takes to try.  Here is a video showing a quilt I did most of the work on.  Yes, I have a UTube video… 


The video  only shares the finished product.  I did all of the top work and beause the quilt was to think, my arthritis started bothing me and I had to stop and pay someone to finish.

I plan to do more.  I am still working on a trunk.  I am taking some drawing classes online for free.  I am drawing thing I actually recognize as being something. 

My point is you can too.  Find something you want to try and do it.  I am blogging.  I have had about 70,00 views on all of my blogs.  I am in the process of writing a book on autism.  Someone wants to use my poetry in their book!  All of these are things I never thought I would do.

I am gaining a new feel for Sandra Lynn Mallo Adcock.  I am magnificent.  This is not bragging.  Tell yourself this.  You can  become what you say you will.  Also, there is the satifying yourself factor.  If you want to try, you too can be a Martha Stewart.  Knock on your innner doors and see what wants to come out  But have fun doing it.  I am . My later days are going to be filled with fun things I will try but attempt.  Remember attempts might mean a yes; never attempting means bad feelings about things left undone.

My main goal in writing this is to get you thinking about what you want to do but have never tried.  Think can but not can’t!

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