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Book Review new autism book!

Mari E Nosal is a teacher, special education specialist, curriculum development person, mother of special needs child, and writer of nine books(part editor of another book I think) at


I read another book by her, “Ten Commandments of Interacting with Kids on the Autism Spectum and Related COmmandments.” That book made me an instant fan.  I have Twitted with her on Twitter and Linked up on LinkediN with her.  She is a caring, concerned, been there mother, teacher, and basic person that wants to advocate and teach advocacy.


Her second book that I am writing about now hooked my eye when I saw the “Diss,” out of Disabled!  That hit home with me. That is what I want to do in my writing.  I see my son and many so caled labled disabled as very abled.  That isn’t to say as Mari notes many times that these kids need special supports and “A I’ve got your back,” type of teaching/parenting.


Mari has lifted me up to trust my insticts.  She knows the talk.  Her book is a great addition to any libray.


I said this was a review.  It is short.  The book, every book of hers is worth and a must read in my eyes. The insight gained is worth the price.  If you can’t afford all the books….(I know I want to buy them alll) …Make sure your libraries stock them!


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