The Physician Shortage – Reasons and Finding Resolve

Engaging The Patient

You’ve heard it often in conversation, online or at presentations – healthcare is changing.

The concept is not new, and while it is a small phrase, it encapsulates numerous deviations from our norm.

For some organizations, “healthcare is changing” represents a need to focus on federal reimbursement opportunities.

For others, it means determining how to reach more patients with fewer resources.

Whatever “healthcare is changing” means for your organization, you need effective ways of adapting for what’s ahead.

Today, we’re highlighting a very specific change in the industry, one that is of consistent concern – the physician shortage.

We can talk about improving patient engagement and quality of care, but ultimately it depends on having the staff available to do so. So how concerned should we be about the physician shortage?

Well, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the United States will likely have a shortage…

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