Ode to Jorge Ochoa, Friend


Jorge Ochoa, a Christian,

Man of God,my freind!

I met in a group called “Autism innovations.”

Brought me knowledge, blessings and numerous other dimentions.

Holding to his convictions,

Asked of my intention.

Considered God as almighty.

This is as it should be, first order of business.

I belive it fate, this state of friendship.

My faith may appear at times

Not so strong but this is wrong.

God has a plan for all and mine.

Jorge’s involvement w/special needs n autism

Compliement my passion to organize.

Somehow God understands the wisdom

IN complementing energies.

I pray I find the way

To get this book out in my day.

Bring Jorge’s knowledge and persona

Visit upon Oklahoma.

Blessed I am to know Jorge and how.

As a friend and  Christian In fellowship that is uplifting. Amen

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