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Why body language intepretation is important, knowing when to hold em!

bill and i

Sally went with her husband to the doctor over orthopedic and deep vein thrombisis issues.  Sally is completely outspoken.   Maybe considered a little agressive in her personality.  Although, most describe Sally as having a heart of gold and giving as a description of her.

In the visit to the the Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Boxcalif, Sally asks, “Would a massage help?”  Sally is in the medical profession.  She was only thinking of relieving her husband’s pain in any way possible.  Sally never dreamed her method would be revealed in simple facial expressions or body lingo.

Now I have to clear up some information here.  Massaging the embolisism is the worst thing that could be done.  Sally was thinking of raising the mood with sexual means.  Sexual  means have been proven to relieve tension and reduce pain.  Sally feels no disgrace about asking but wanted to keep her thoughts private.

Dr. Dr.Dr. Boxcalif,, took it to mean Sally might have a thought of getting rid of her husband and says, “Unless you have a plan.”

Sally blushes, apparently, smiles and who knows what else but was read like a book by Dr. Dr. Boxcalif.

He smiles and teases Sally.  At the close of the appointment Sally thanks Dr. Boxcalif for taking the case.  Dr. Boccalif is the family Othorpedic Surgeon.

“I will be happy to follow your case or you can go back to Dr. Pat.”

Sally jumps in, “We aren’t going anywhere, we are staying right here!”

Dr. Boxcalif, still teasing,”No, you two are going home now. You can’t stay here.”

The morale to this story is body language is important and being read like a book very easily can get one in trouble.  Not knowing how to read or understand body lingo means a person misses a lot.  I have heard language is 93% body language.

A food for thought tale on the lighter side.

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